War in the Highlands

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    Feature Film | 1998-1999 | War | Belgium, France, Switzerland

    Brief synopsis

    Winter 1797 - 1798: Napoleonic troops, allied with Swiss revolutionaries, occupy the canton of Vaud and begin preparing for the military conquest of Bern and its vassals. Resistance to the advance of Enlightenment ideas, however, coalesces in the highlands beyond the snow-blocked passes. This clash of philosophies weighs on the romantic fate of David and Julie, who are caught up in the whirlwind of parental conflict, emotional crises, and betrayed friendships, all burdened by civil and religious traditions.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Marion CotillardJulie Bonzon [L]
    Yann TrégouëtDavid Aviolat [L]
    Francois MarthouretJosias Aviolat [L]
    Antoine BaslerAnsermoz [L]
    François MorelDevenoge [GS]
    Laurent TerzieffIsa´e [GS]
    Antoine Monot, Jr.Soldat Ogi [SR]


    1st ADAndreas Meszaros
    Director of photographyChristophe Beaucarne
    DirectorFrancis Reusser
    EditorJacques Witta
    ComposerJean-François Monot
    ProducerGérard Ruey
    ProducerJean-Louis Porchet
    Production designerJean-Claude Maret
    Production managerXavier Grin
    ScreenwriterFrancis Reusser
    ScreenwriterJean-Claude Carrière
    Co-writerEmmanuelle de Riedmatten
    Literary sourceCharles Ferdinand Ramuznovel
    Production sound mixerFrançois Musy

    Production companies

    Arena Films [fr]
    CAB Productions [ch]
    Saga Film [be]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 05/05/1999