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    Movies saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2022Tout va bien
    Claire [SS]
    TV Series, Disney+Claire [SS]
    2022All To Play For
    Sylvie [L]
    Feature FilmSylvie [L]
    2022Just The Two Of Us
    Blanche & Rose Renard [L]
    Feature FilmBlanche & Rose Renard [L]
    2021Paris Memories
    Mia [L]
    Feature FilmMia [L]
    2021Don Juan
    Julie [L]
    Feature FilmJulie [L]
    2021Other People's Children
    Rachel [L]
    Feature FilmRachel [L]
    2020En attendant Bojangles
    Camille [L]
    Feature FilmCamille [L]
    Woman [L]
    Feature FilmWoman [L]
    2020Bye Bye Morons
    Suze Trappet [L]
    Feature FilmSuze Trappet [L]
    2019Night Shift
    Virginie [L]
    Feature FilmVirginie [L]
    2019Madeleine Collins
    Judith Fauvet [L]
    Feature FilmJudith Fauvet [L]
    Benedetta Carlini [L]
    Feature FilmBenedetta Carlini [L]
    Sibyl [L]
    Feature FilmSibyl [L]
    Sybille [L]
    Feature FilmSybille [L]
    2017An Impossible Love
    Rachel [L]
    Feature FilmRachel [L]
    2017Sink or Swim
    Delphine [L]
    Feature FilmDelphine [L]
    2016Call My Agent!
    Virginie Efira - Episode 1 [GS]
    Judith Peres
    TV Series, France 2 [fr]Virginie Efira - Episode 1 [GS]Judith Peres
    Rebecca [L]
    Feature FilmRebecca [L]
    2015In Bed with Victoria
    Victoria Spick [L]
    Feature FilmVictoria Spick [L]
    2015Up for Love
    Diane [L]
    Feature FilmDiane [L]