Projects saved at Crew United

    2021The Last GameTV Movie, TF1 [fr]editor
    2021J’adore ce que vous faitesFeature Filmeditor
    2020Vicky and her MysteryFeature Filmeditor
    2018ChamboultoutFeature Filmeditor
    2018L'école est finieFeature Filmeditor
    2017To Each, Her OwnTV Movie, Netflixeditor
    2016Back to Mom'sFeature Filmeditor
    2014A Change of HeartTV Movie, France 2 [fr]editor
    2014Thanks to My FriendsFeature Filmeditor
    2013BarbecueFeature Filmeditor
    2011Bienvenue à bordFeature Filmeditor
    2009To Protect and to ServeFeature Filmeditor
    2005PoltergayFeature Filmeditor