Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2020FeuFeature Filmn.a. [L]
    2018At WarFeature FilmLaurent Amédéo [L]
    2016RodinFeature FilmAuguste Rodin [L]
    2014The White KnightsFeature FilmJacques Arnault [L]
    2013BastardsFeature FilmMarco Silvestri [L]
    2013Mea CulpaFeature FilmSimon [L]
    2011Quelques heures de printempsFeature FilmAlain Evrard [L]
    2008Anything For HerFeature FilmJulien Auclert [L]
    2008WelcomeFeature FilmSimon [L]
    2004CharlyFeature FilmCharly's father [L]
    2002The Warrior's BrotherFeature FilmThomas [L]
    2002The Cost of LivingFeature FilmCoway [L]
    2001Friday NightFeature FilmJean [L]
    1997The School of the FleshFeature FilmChris [SR]
    1995The VictimsFeature FilmPierre Duval [L]
    1995La Belle VerteFeature FilmMax [L]
    1994HateFeature FilmReally drunk man [SR]Tom Vogt
    1992La CriseFeature FilmVictor [L]