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Viele Normen. Teure Wohnungen?

  • Baukosten (Working title)
Documentary | 2023-2024 | SWR [de] | Germany

Main data

Shooting data

Start of shooting01/04/2023
End of shooting31/12/2023
Filming regionsEast Germany, North Germany, South Germany, West Germany

Brief synopsis

The cement industry is the heavyweight among the climate sinners. Even the aviation industry has lower greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the industry pretends to be environmentally friendly while behind closed doors it is preventing climate targets from being met. Insiders report on meetings that take place behind closed doors and result in Germany missing its climate targets - even against the intention and will of politicians.


Director of photographyMartin Langner
Director of photographyBeate Scherer
Director of photographyMoritz Marz
Director of photographyAxel Schneppat
Studio shoot/framework/lighting concept
Studio shoot/framework/lighting concept
Director of photographyAndrea Rumpler
Eng assistant audio/videoLuiz Dittmer
Eng assistant audio/videoFreya Sarge
DirectorTatjana Mischke
EditorNico Schlegel
ComposerSascha Blank
ProducerValentin Thurn
Graphic designerFrank Mai
Production managerMuriel Breier
Script consultantJulia Engels
Production sound mixerSylvia Freudenberger
Production sound mixerFreya Sarge
Production sound mixerRonny Schröpfer
Production sound mixerLuiz Dittmer
Production sound mixerThibauld Weiler
Production sound mixerDieter Sitzmann
Production sound mixerRalf Weber
Sound recordist (non fiction)Maximilian Tebbert
Commissioning editorClaus Hanischdörfer

Production companies

Thurn Film [de]


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanySWR [de]Tuesday, 16/04/2024, 9.00 PM