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Land der verlorenen Kinder | © Real Fiction Filmverleih
© Real Fiction Filmverleih

Venezuela - Country of Lost Children

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    Documentary Feature | 2022-2023 | Migration, Politics, Society | Germany


    Brief synopsis

    Corruption and mismanagement has turned Venezuela into a failed state. Over six million people have fled in recent years. Around one million children were left behind by their parents. This remarkable film follows two single mothers and their children over several months as they do what it takes to survive.

    In the barrio Santa Rosa de Agua, health care has collapsed and children are dying from hunger. Carolina has set up a foundation to help feed them. But the barrio is so violent, she’s had to send her own daughter, Victoria, to a children’s home. The home is an oasis in the midst of violence and deprivation but many of the children, who haven’t seen their parents for years, are traumatised. They struggle with feelings of rejection.

    Most people in the barrio survive by violence, prostitution, begging. “I’ve had to do lots of things for my kids,” confides Kiara. “Selling drugs, stealing, prostituting myself. Everything a woman can do for her children”. Her eldest son, Yorbenis, 14, has already joined a gang and is on the verge of his first kill.

    Desperate, Kiara decides to leave the country for Colombia. She takes her small children with her while Yorbenis’ remains behind. Now she’s terri!ed that he will be murdered in her absence. She knows he is being hunted by rival gangs, as well as the police…. (https://javafilms.fr/film/venezuela-the-country-of-lost-children/)


    Director of photographyAlfredo de Juan
    DirectorMarc Wiese
    DirectorJuan Camillo Cruz
    EditorLaia Prat
    ComposerAlva Noto
    ProducerOliver Stoltz

    Production companies

    Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion GmbH [de]

    Distribution / Sales companies

    Java Films [fr]
    RFF - Real Fiction Filmverleih e. K. [de]
    Germany (theatrical)
    Germany (theatrical)


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Oliver Stoltz2024Dok.fest München [de]
    VFF Documentary Film Production Award
    VFF Documentary Film Production AwardWinner


    2024GermanyDOK.fest München

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