Short Film | 2020-2021 | Coming of Age, Drama, Fantasy, Kammerspiel, Mystery, Youth | Germany
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Shooting data

Start of shooting22/06/2020
End of shooting24/06/2020
Number of shooting days3
LocationsPattensen (Schloss Marienburg)

Project data

Film financing
Length of movieca 20 Min.

Brief synopsis

In the realm of the Golden Empire, VAMPIRATES tells the story of six adolescent fantastical beings on their journey toward becoming emotion-agents at the legendary Academy E. In this secluded and remote castle KASSJA OF THE UNDERDARK, a vampire, and JORIS VAN HELLWAVE, a pirate, attempt to learn self-awareness and alien perception - no simple task when you’re burdened with thirst for revenge, self-destructive behaviour, split personality or just good old pressure coming from parents’ expectations. On top of that, the group discovers the true reason for their presence in this magical, haunted place.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Rosângela Ferreira
Sheera [L]
Holly GeddertKassja von Unterdunkel [L]
Jonas KaufmannRaynold Royster Remchain [L]
Selma KunzeRuby [L]
Luna KuseJoris von der Höllenwelle [L]
Noel OkwangaLux [L]
Corinna WagenhausJenna [L]


Director of photographyAxel Fischer
1st assistant cameraLukas Grubba
2nd assistant cameraRudolph Lueckert
Still photographerYounis Tarawh
Costume designerVera Holthaus
Assistant costume designerKatharina Fitz- Özer
DirectorFranziska Pohlmann
Script supervisorRosa von Stemm
GafferAmnon Schmuckler
Makeup artist / hair stylistThora Geißler
Production designerKatharina Laage
Production designerVanessa Maria Sgarra
Production managerOliver Meyer
Production sound mixerLeo Aderhold
Boom operatorOskar von Gilgenheimb

Production companies

Franziska Pohlmann Produktion [de]