©Daniel Sax
©Daniel Sax
Educational Series | Episodes 1-2 | 2019

Main data

DirectorDaniel Sax
Written byDaniel Sax (co-writer), Felix Kerth (co-writer), Daniel Knußmann (co-writer)
ProductionVollbild Film GmbH

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Episodes from/to1-2

Brief synopsis

"Lost in Translation meets Education: An educational video program in intercultural communication." In which situations do misunderstandings arise among people with a migration background in our culture? - This is exactly what the University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt asked itself and evaluated patterns in intercultural encounters in Germany. Each of these scenarios is treated in an episode of 3-6 minutes.

Kerim gets to know a woman and interprets her friendly manner as an attempt at flirting.
This deception culminates in icy rejection, which he cannot comprehend. He searches for answers among his friends. They share their own experiences with him and help him to understand the culture better.

Kerim has an appointment at the job centre and is late because he had to help a friend. His clerk is already taking care of the next customer when he rushes into the office and tries to explain his delay. His appointment has expired. No exceptions apply here. Frustrated, Kerim makes his way home. He searches for answers among his friends. They share their own experiences with him and help him understand what happened.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Baran HêvîKerim [L]
Birgit Reibel
Monika Eder [LE]
Sinan AslanAhmed [SR]
Regine LangeAnna [SR]
Léa ZehafLeyla [SR]


ColoristWaref Abu Quba
Director of photographyThilo Jäger
Data wrangler / digital loaderTim Rosemann
DirectorDaniel Sax
1st AD (local system)Daniel Knußmann
Storyboard artistDaniel Knußmann
VFX editorWaref Abu Quba
GafferGabo Dubisch
Set manager/ floor managerJanna Hoffmann
Set runnerTil Kerth
Based on a screenplay draft byJoachim Thomas
Based on a screenplay draft byNadja Al-Dawaf
Co-writerFelix Kerth
Co-writerDaniel Knußmann
Co-writerDaniel Sax
Production sound mixerTim Rosemann

Production companies

Vollbild Film GmbH