Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Grand Jeté (WT)Feature Film
    2019The Witch and the OttomanIndie Feature FilmSet-Sprinter & Equip
    2018SpidesTV Series, SyFy [de]Set-Sprinter
    2018Erzgebirgskrimi - Der Tote im StollenTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Set Sprinter & Equip
    2018Too Far AwayFeature FilmSet-Sprinter & Equip
    2018Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahlFeature FilmSet-Sprinter
    2018Die Tagebücher von Adam und Eva (WT)Indie Feature FilmSprinter & Equipment
    2018DonbassFeature FilmKamera & DIT Sprinter
    2018Legend of Kun Lun / Kun Lun Gui (WT)TV SeriesSet-Sprinter & AL Equipment A-Unit
    2017I Was at Home, ButFeature FilmSet-Sprinter & AL Equipment
    2017System CrasherFeature FilmSet-Sprinter
    2017Many Happy ReturnsFeature FilmSet-Sprinter & AL Equipment
    2017PréludeFeature FilmFunkgeräte, Zelte
    2017Victory DayDocumentary FeatureFunkgeräte, Zelte
    2017Your ColorIndie Feature FilmFunkgeräte, Zelte, Equipment
    2017Softness of BodiesIndie Feature FilmFunkgeräte, Zelte
    2016I'm Going To Save People (NOT COMPLETED) (WT)Indie Feature Film