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Dwadzieścia lat później: C.K.O.D 3 | ©Anagram Film
©Anagram Film

Twenty Years After: C.K.O.D.3

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    Documentary | 2022-2023 | Docu, Music | Poland

    Main data

    Project data

    Budget293 600 PLN
    Film financing
    Length of movie70 min



    Brief synopsis

    “Twenty Years After: C.K.O.D.3” is the third part of a unique lifetime project. Twenty-two years ago Piotr Szczepański decided to make a film about a group of his friends every ten years, creating a unique generation portrait. These friends were the punk rock band Cool Kids of Death. The first part of the saga was the 2004 awarded documentary “C.K.O.D. Generation”. Twenty years after its foundation and ten years after disbanding, Cool Kids of Death starts a special tour of concerts now having a cult status. Will this reunion bring something more than just purely mercantile benefits?


    Director of photographyPiotr Szczepański
    DirectorPiotr Szczepański
    EditorPiotr Szczepański
    ProducerAnna Pachnicka
    Co-producerPiotr Szczepański
    Production managerAnna Pachnicka
    Sound recordist (non fiction)Piotr Szczepański
    Sound recordist (non fiction)Robert Sędzicki
    Sound designerRobert Sędzicki

    Production companies

    Anagram Film [pl]


    2024PolandDocs Against Gravity
    Polish Competition
    Polish Competition

    Cinema releases and premieres

    PremiereWednesday, 15/05/2024Millenium Docs Against Gravity [pl]