Brief synopsis

    I love you so much I could eat you... Shane and June are American newlyweds in Paris, but this is no ordinary honeymoon. Shane is a man possessed, desperately searching for his old colleague, Dr. Leo Semeneau, with whom he worked on dangerous experiments into the human libido. He and Semeneau bear the terrible living scars of their researches, and Shane is tormented by a ravening hunger that will not be quieted. As Shane searches for Leo, the doctor pursues Core, his wife, who has fled the prison of her bedroom. Shane finds her first, crouched over the corpse of a young neighbour, splattered with blood. He helps to put her out of her misery. Bewildered, June struggles to understand her husband’s disturbingly erratic behaviour from a handful of clues. Nothing makes sense. And before she knows it, their bags are packed and they’re heading for home. Leaving behind them a chambermaid in a silent hotel room, her lifeless body ravaged and bitten...


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Vincent GalloShane Brown [L]
    Tricia VesseyJune Brown [L]


    1st ADGabriel Julien-Laferrière
    Director of photographyAgnès Godard
    Casting directorNicolas Lublin
    Casting directorJames Calleri
    Casting directorRichard Rousseau
    Costume designerJudy Shrewsbury
    DirectorClaire Denis
    EditorNelly Quettier
    Production designerArnaud de Moléron
    Unit production managerXavier Amblard
    ScreenwriterJean-Pol Fargeau
    ScreenwriterClaire Denis
    Production sound mixerJean-Louis Ughetto
    Sound re-recording mixerDominique Hennequin
    Sound editorChristophe Winding

    Distributing companies

    Rapid Eye Movies [de]Germany (theatrical)
    Rezo Films [fr]France (theatrical)
    Tamasa Distribution [fr]International Sales


    2001FranceFestival de Cannes


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 23/07/2020
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 11/07/2001
    PremiereSunday, 13/05/2001Cannes Film Festival [fr]