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Tri týždne pod morom

  • Three Weeks Under the Sea (Working title)
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Feature Film | 2024 | Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia
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    Brief synopsis

    Michal returns to his hometown for his father's funeral. He finds out that the coffin is empty and the funeral was a fraud. He sets out in search of the truth about his father, who was a Russian military attaché in Czechoslovakia. Michal gets involved with his father's old friends, who form the local Russian mafia.


    Director of photographyMichał Englert
    DirectorMartin Kuba
    EditorJarosław Kamiński
    ComposerJonatán Pastirčák
    ProducerMiloš Lochman
    ProducerZuzana Mistríková
    Co-producerKarolina Galuba
    Production designerJuraj Fábry
    Production designerAndrijana Trpković
    ScreenwriterMartin Kuba
    ScreenwriterMarek Grajciar
    Production sound mixerIvan Horák

    Production companies

    Moloko Film [cz]
    Furia Film
    PubRes [sk]