Projects saved at Crew United

    2016Free State of JonesIndie Feature Filmdialogue-directorDt. Fassung
    2016Free State of JonesIndie Feature Filmdubbing script writerDt. Fassung
    2013Father Rupert MayerIndie Feature Filmco-producer
    2009HavenTV Series, Syfy (vormals Sci Fi) [us]director (dubbing)
    2007Alice Upside DownFeature Filmdirector (dubbing)
    2007Digimon SaversTV Series, RTL II [de]director (dubbing)
    2005Bloodfist 2050TV Moviedirector (dubbing)
    2004C'est pas moiFeature Filmdirector (dubbing)
    2004Yu-Gi-Oh!TV Series, TV Tokyo [jp]director (dubbing)
    2002NarutoTV Series, TV Tokyo [jp]director (dubbing)