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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023Hela Tomaten Ketchup - Freunde, das ist Ketchup!Commercialexecutive producer
    2023Faster than youShort Documentaryexecutive producer
    2021Luna - HausflurMusic Videoexecutive producer
    2021It wasn't me (WT)Teaser (Series Concept)unit manager (local system)
    2020Risen from Shadows - Sugar. The Dark Side of SugarMusic Video1st AD
    2019Adam Hall - Lumen BeingCorporate Filmproducer
    2018Feed Me SlowlyShort Filmproducer
    2017BMW - Headquarters Tower. Like a BatteryCommercialunit manager (local system)
    2017EntfremdungShort Filmassistant-/ junior-producer
    2017Universal Verleih - Atomic Blonde (Promofilm)Commercial1st AD (local system)
    2016Rabensang (WT)Medium Length Filmproduction manager
    2016Rabensang (WT)Medium Length Filmset manager/ floor manager
    2016OutsideShort Documentaryproducer
    2016OutsideShort Documentaryeditor
    2015GeschwisterIndependent Feature Filmproduction driver