Tilemachos Manos, sound recordist (non fiction), Berlin
©Tilemachos Manos
  • Sound recordist (non fiction)
Born 1981 (41 Years)


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    About Tilemachos Manos

    Experienced freelance Boom Operator & sound mixer for Documentary films. Highly qualified in on location sound recordings & microphones techniques. with a demonstrated history of working in Documentary Production industry for German TV Channels as Arte, ZDF & DW .

    Non-fictional projects as sound recordist (non fiction)

    2022KI und Musik (WT)
    DocumentaryBernard WedigSounding Images GmbH [de]WDR
    2020Nikotin - Droge mit Zukunft
    ZDF / ARTE 2020
    Documentary, arteBärbel Merseburger-SillBerlin Producers Media GmbHZDF / ARTE 2020
    2019Sound of Freedom
    2 x 52 Min., ARTE 2019
    Documentary (Series), arte, SRF [ch], ZDF [de]Ulrike NeubeckerBerlin Producers Media GmbH2 x 52 Min., ARTE 2019
    2018Menschen hautnah - Meine Gemeinde, meine Familie
    43 min, WDR 2018
    Report (series), WDR [de]Stefan PannenBerlin Producers Media GmbH43 min, WDR 2018

    Non-fictional projects in other activities

    2020Beethovens Neunte - Symphonie für die WeltDocumentaryChristian Berger [1]Sounding Images GmbH [de]production sound mixer Production Sound Mixer, 90 min, DW, ZDF/ARTE

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish German Greek Spanish
    Own equipmentI can provide all the professional audio equimnent needed for a on location filming. From microphones as the Sennheiser MKH 416 P48, wireless Lavalier Microphone sets to Field Audio Recorders.
    Education- Master of Arts in Video Production, Audiovisual Media & Motion Graphics - University of West Attica, Greece.

    - Bachelor in Music Technology & Acoustics Department of Music technology & Acoustics Engineering.
    Specialization in Sound Recording, which examines the history and practice of recorded sound, microphone techniques, room acoustics, and field recording - Hellenic Mediteranean University, Greece.
    Preferred place of workdocumentary films, Fiction Films, Commercial Productions
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    2nd residence (if applicable)Berlin
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin