Three on a Match | © Amon Aleme Selassie
© Amon Aleme Selassie

Three On a Match

  • Thirteen (Working title)
Short Film | 2022 | Comedy, Drama | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days6
LocationsBerlin, Brandenburg
Filming regionsGermany - Berlin, Germany - Brandenburg

Brief synopsis

Small-time criminal Wesley Cooper decides to hitchhike on a momentous night. Events spiral out of control and end in a fatal car accident. Wes, who has spent his life avoiding responsibility, is now faced with a choice. Does he face the consequences, or does he pull his head out of the noose? This film is a story about friendship, fate and the autonomy of our choices.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Brett Ortgiesen
Mark [L]
Robin SchickWesley Cooper [L]
Philine RichterYoung Woman [SR]
Jennifer SiemannMarla


Vfx producerKonrad Wilbrandt
Vfx supervisorKonrad Wilbrandt
ColoristStefano Zordan
Final colorist
Final colorist
Director of photographyClara B. Zimmer
Drone camera operatorJan Schulze
Steadicam operatorLucas Heinze
Steadicam operatorMax Egner
1st assistant cameraPaul-Vincent Roll
Alexa Mini + Z-Cam S6 on Zeiss High Speed
Alexa Mini + Z-Cam S6 on Zeiss High Speed
2nd assistant cameraMarcel de Haas
2nd assistant cameraJohannes Pfau
2nd assistant cameraFenja Jahn
Video assist/playback operatorNikolas Hoose
Still photographerDomi Wolf
Still photographerAmon Aleme Selassie
Costume designerAnnika Smith
DirectorTim Litwinschuh
1st AD (local system)Laurin Giogoli
1st AD (local system)Henri Scheunemann
2nd AD crowd (local system)Laurina Ströll
Script supervisorJoey Kuttig
Script continuityAyleen Tuncer
EditorJohanna Weingartner
Key gripMatthias Neumeister
Key gripMarlon Koppelkamm
GafferFinnegan Godenschweger
GafferLucan Udes
GafferFelice Bitzer
Best boyLucan Udes
Lighting technician / electricianYannick Hasse
Lighting technician / electricianVincent Riediger
Lighting technician / electricianJakob Schleiter
Lighting technician / electricianMax Siemung
Lighting assistantRichard Wonneberger
Makeup artist / hair stylistRebecca Koch
Makeup artist / hair stylistSarah Mahnkopf
ProducerClara B. Zimmer
ProducerTim Litwinschuh
Delegate producerMarcus Goldhahn
Associate producerMaja Schätzlein
Co-producerMarcel Janick Paul
Production designerMia Eileen Prahl
Assistant production designerMara Aragon Otschipka
Set dresserLorena Elser
Graphic designerMia Eileen Prahl
Graphic designerPaul-Vincent Roll
Cash machine UI designer and programmer
Cash machine UI designer and programmer
Production managerMaja Schätzlein
Unit managerHanna Riehm
Location managerMarcus Goldhahn
Location coordinatorRobert Tihonov
Set manager/ floor managerJasper Sörns
Set manager/ floor managerRobert Tihonov
Assistant set/floor managervincent netzer
Assistant set/floor managerLono Vu
Production driverRomy Lange
Set runnerTanja Blume
Set runnerBen Litwinschuh
Set runnerJan Geburtig
ScreenwriterClara B. Zimmer
Co-writerTim Litwinschuh
Production sound mixerJordi Braut
Production sound mixerElias Hamman
Boom operatorElias Adelson
Marketing, public relationJustine Sina Edinger

Production companies

Deriva Films UG (haftungsbeschränkt) [de]


Cameras and UtilitiesARRI Rental Deutschland GmbH
Lighting and UtilitiesARRI Rental Deutschland GmbH
Finance/Law/InsuranceGothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG
Finance/Law/InsurancePreProducer Software UG
Production ServicesBASIS Berlin Postproduktion GmbH
Production Servicesbloc inc filmservice GmbH
Production ServicesFox Wolf Blocking
Production ServicesSchmackoFatz´Zz


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Clara B. Zimmer2022Flickers' Rhode Island Intl. Film Festival - monthly Festival [us]Best Short Screenplay (June)Nominated
Clara B. Zimmer2022Rome Prisma Film Awards - monthly [it]Best Short Screenplay (december)Winner
Clara B. Zimmer2022Athvikvaruni Int. Film Festival - monthly festival [in]Best Short Screenplay (Aug.)Winner
Clara B. Zimmer2022Cinegate Film Festival & Crystal Aurora Awards - monthly online festivalBest Short Screenplay (Dez.)Nominated


2022ItalyRome Prisma Film Awards - monthlyBest short screenplay (december)
2022IndiaAthvikvaruni Int. Film Festival - August edition
2022GermanyCINEGATE Film Festival & Crystal Aurora Awards