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Thomas Hobiger, 1st assistant camera, Vienna
  • 1st assistant camera
Born 2001 in Graz (23 Years)

About Thomas Hobiger

Hey! I'm Thomas and i've been working in the camera departement since the spring of 2022.
I'm mostly working in commercials and i've specialized into working with Ronin 2 and the accompanying accessories (Force Pro, Nodo Wheels, Flowcine Blackarm etc.).
On most of my jobs i'm either doing as a 1st AC or a Gimbal Tech in Austria.

Movies as 1st assistant camera

YearTitleGenreDirector of photographyProducerComment
2024Gerry Star (WT)
Additional 1st AC, A-Cam (2 Days)
TV Series, Prime Video (Amazon)Johannes ThiemePyjama Pictures GmbHAdditional 1st AC, A-Cam (2 Days)
2024MED-EL - Surgical Symphony (WT)Product videoMoritz UtheEutopiafilm GmbH
2023Ikea Austria - Mach's Knut! Smårt Sale
1st AC B-Unit
CommercialMathieu PlainfosseChelsy Filmproduktions GmbH [at]1st AC B-Unit
2023RedBull - Winch Fiesta
Red Vraptor + Canon CN-E Zooms
CommercialRed Bull Media House [at]Red Vraptor + Canon CN-E Zooms
2023Österreichische Post - Mit uns wird Bequemlichkeit grün. Und smart
Alexa Mini LF + Tribe 7 Blackwing
CommercialMXR Productions [at]Alexa Mini LF + Tribe 7 Blackwing
2023Waff - Nicht wieder Mary. Die Wiener Pflege-Soap
Red Komodo (Portrait Mode) + Leica R Primes
SeriesBTTR Agency [at/de]Red Komodo (Portrait Mode) + Leica R Primes
2023ÖBB - Nightjet der neuen Generation für eine neue Generation
Alexa Mini + Orion Anamorphics + Lomo Illumina
CommercialWexplore Productions GmbH [at]Alexa Mini + Orion Anamorphics + Lomo Illumina
2023Strellson / Napule - Hot. Fresh. Limited (SS 2023)
Alexa Mini + Zeiss Highspeeds (Dreiecksblende)
CommercialStrellson [ch]Alexa Mini + Zeiss Highspeeds (Dreiecksblende)
2023A1 - Netflix
1st AC Social Media Unit
CommercialKaspar HornikelDas Rund GmbH1st AC Social Media Unit
2022AVL - Reimagining Motion
Red DSMC2 + Lomo Illumina Primes
Corporate FilmJohan van der MerweSteady Motion GmbH [at]Red DSMC2 + Lomo Illumina Primes
2022McDonald's - Vergesse nie die Street Menü by Raf Camora
Red DSMC2 + Angenieux EZ Zooms
CommercialMarkus Moser [1]Bobbys Agency, Markus Mansi [at]Red DSMC2 + Angenieux EZ Zooms
Replacement for other 1st. Only 2 shooting days
Short FilmSerafin SpitzerNabis Filmgroup [at]Replacement for other 1st. Only 2 shooting days

Movies in other capacities

2023Hofer - Ostern (2023)CommercialJulia MückeDas Rund GmbH2nd assistant camera
2022ÖBB - Santas New RideCommercialDinko DraganovicPPMNext Film GmbH [at]2nd assistant camera
2022Deutsche Telekom - Young Magenta Mobil. Nothing PhoneCommercialBode BrodmüllerTony Petersen Film GmbH [de]camera trainee
2022Verbund AG - Gemeinsam sind wir die Kraft der WendeCommercialJob van AsPPMNext Film GmbH [at]2nd assistant camera 2nd 2nd (Rigging/Steadycam)
2022Media Markt - Let's GoCommercialBode BrodmüllerTony Petersen Film GmbH [de]2nd assistant camera

Basic data

Experience abroadCentral Europe: Switzerland
Special skillsGood skilset with Ronin 2 - I'll balance you anything in there that fits!
Own equipmentIgnite Digi/Cinemilled Ronin Kit, Custom Ratworks Ratgrips
Magliner, SmallHD 702 Touch Focus Monitor
Immediate working areaVienna
2nd residence (if applicable)Graz
1st residence (federal state or country)Austria - Vienna