• Production sound mixer
Born 1972 in FONTAINEBLEAU (48 Years)

About Thomas Gastinel

Formed at INSAS (Bruxelles) I have been on set for more than 20 years.
I keep on evolving in my career as a sound mixer.
I love meeting new directors, crews and getting involved in various original and demanding projects.
I'm flexible and efficient. I have good knowledge in sound editing, giving me some good skills on set. I'm particularly concerned for sound on pictures, always having respectful collaboration with the other departments.

Projects as production sound mixer

2020Le Temps des secrets (WT)Feature FilmChristophe BarratierLionceau Films [fr]
2020Envole-moi (WT)Feature FilmChristophe BarratierChapter 2 [fr]
2018The BureauTV Series, Canal+ [fr]Pascale FerranTOP - The Oligarchs Productions [fr]
2012TorpedoFeature FilmMatthieu DonckK2 Productions SAS [be]

Film projects in other capacities

2019Les EnvoûtésFeature FilmPascal BonitzerSBS Films [fr]boom operator
2019Alice and the MayorFeature FilmNicolas PariserBizibi Productions [fr]boom operator
2018Simply Love (WT)Feature FilmClaire BurgerDharamsala [fr]boom operator
2018Remi, Nobody's BoyFeature FilmAntoine BlossierJerico [fr]boom operator
2017Call Me by Your NameFeature FilmLuca GuadagninoFrenesy Film Company [it]boom operator
2016Miss SloaneFeature FilmJohn MaddenTransfilm [ca]boom operator
2015L'Araignée rouge (film interactif)Feature FilmFrank FiorinoColor Dreams Productions [fr]boom operator
2015Toute première foisFeature FilmMultipleLes Improductibles [fr]boom operator
2012Mr. Morgan's Last LoveFeature FilmSandra NettelbeckBavaria Pictures GmbH [de]boom operator
2010Largo Winch 2 - UltimatumFeature FilmJérôme SallePan Européenne [fr]boom operator
2009CarlosFeature Film, Canal+ [fr]Olivier AssayasFilm en Stock [fr]boom operator
2009RaptFeature FilmLucas BelvauxAgat Films & Cie Ex Nihilo [fr]boom operator
2007Les Enfants de TimpelbachFeature FilmNicolas BaryScope Pictures [be]boom operator
20062 Days in ParisFeature FilmJulie DelpyPolaris Film Production and Finance [fr]boom operator
2005Days of GloryFeature FilmRachid BoucharebTessalit Productions [fr]boom operator
2003Before We ForgetFeature FilmAugustin BurgerQuo Vadis Cinéma [fr]boom operator
2001The Unemployment ClubFeature FilmAndy BauschIris Productions SA [lu]boom operator

Basic data

LanguagesDutch English French German Italian Spanish
Experience abroadNorth Africa: Algeria, Morocco
North America: Canada
Northern Europe: Sweden
East Africa: Djibouti
Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine
South America: Chile
Southern Europe: Italy
Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Hongkong
Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, England, Germany
Special skillsDiving (PADI OWD)
Saxophone/ Music
Fine Arts
Organic gardening
Own equipmentDigital professional sound recorder, MS stereo microphone
LicencesA 2 - Motorrad bis 35kW [eu], B (car) [eu]
EducationBaccalauréat in Econ. and Soc. sciences
Graduated in sound at INSAS (Brussels)
Preferred place of workFeature Films
Immediate working areaMetz
1st residence (federal state or country)France - Grand Est
Accommodation possibilitiesParis