Indie Feature Film | 2019 | Dramedy | Great Britain
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Shooting data

Start of shooting20/02/2019
End of shooting21/03/2019
Number of shooting days25

Project data

Length of movie90 min

Brief synopsis

A group of Anglo-American expatriates get together to celebrate friendship and talk about life, art, feminism, religion, politics, philosophy, prejudice, etc. Bessie is an employee of an American technology company in Berlin. She is a feminist and lives with Melody, a graphic designer. Both are activists for LGBTQ and gender equality. They are very close friends with the poet Adley who also actively campaigns against racism, misogynism and who is a passionate defender of human rights. Blake, a neurologist, is also part of the circle of friends. Blake is dissatisfied with his job and lifestyle.

The Year of the Soul is a film about friendship and depicts the anxiety and dilemmas of our times focused on human rights issues. (Werner Schumann)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Daniel BrunetAdley Peterson [L]
Sydney LaFaireMelody [L]
Michael S. RuscheinskyBlake [L]
Jill WellerBessie [L]
Ana RibeiroDolores [SR]
Werner BraunschädelDerrick [BP]
Franz FleckMan at Train Station [BP]


Director of photographyJesse Mickle
Additional photographyFelix Schmidt [4]
Camera operatorRodrigo Barreto
1st assistant cameraScott McIntosh
Casting directorIsabelle Münch
DirectorWerner Schumann
EditorThomas David
ComposerChristopher Carter
ProducerWerner Schumann
Production managerFranz Fleck
ScreenwriterWerner Schumann
Production sound mixerChristopher Carter

Production companies

Schumann Brothers Ltd [uk]