The Year of Awakening

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    Feature Film | 1990-1991 | Tragicomedy | Belgium, France

      Brief synopsis

      François is a sensitive and thoughtful student at a military boarding school in 1948. He is fourteen and an orphan, and the French are still fighting in Indochina, as they will continue to do for many years. He believes he will be sent to fight there when he graduates, and he is sure he will die in that far-away place. While he sees himself as stubbornly principled, others, including the school's bullies, simply see him as stubborn and a nuisance besides. In fact, his humiliation by the school's bullies is so constant that one of his persistent fantasies is to become a skilled boxer and trounce them all. That is one reason why he has become fixated on one of the school's military instructors, a handsome sergeant who was a championship boxer. While there may be an unformed erotic component to his fixation, it does not manifest overtly but adds fuel to his sexual initiation with the sergeant's wife.


      ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
      Laurent GrévillJulien [L]
      Martin LamotteLe 4ème de Section [L]
      Grégoire ColinFrançois [L]
      Chiara CaselliLéna [L]
      Claude DunetonLe Professeur de français [L]
      Roger PlanchonLe Capitaine [GS]


      1st ADVéronique Labrid
      Director of photographyFrançois Catonné
      Still photographerPatrick Camboulive
      Casting directorMarie-Christine Lafosse
      Costume designerFabienne Katany
      DirectorGérard Corbiau
      Script supervisorZoé Zurstrassen
      EditorDenise Vindevogel
      ProducerJacques-Eric Strauss
      ProducerJoelle Bellon
      Production designerGérard Viard
      Unit managerClaude Guymont
      Production assistantFrançois Pulliat
      Literary sourceCharles Juliet
      Production sound mixerAlain Lachassagne
      Sound re-recording mixerGérard Rousseau

      Distributing companies

      BAC Films [fr]


      Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 17/04/1991