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©Canal+ [pl]

The Writers. A short series

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    TV Series | Episodes 1-12 | 2019 | Canal+ [pl] | Comedy | Poland


    Brief synopsis

    The director Mikołaj Lizut invited the biggest contemporary writers in Poland to compose very short stories and gave them absolute artistic freedom. Their only limitation was time: stories could not be longer than 5 minutes. He cast two of the most famous Polish actors over age 40 and sketched the writers' ideas in a rather distanced and very witty manner.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Magdalena Cieleckan.a. [L]
    Maciej Stuhrn.a. [L]


    Director of photographyJózefina Gocman
    Costume designerAnna Sitkowska
    Costume designerMagdalena Mrozowska
    DirectorMikołaj Lizut
    EditorMichał Jarecki
    Key makeup artistAdriana Klemenska
    Makeup artistDominika Koryciorz
    Makeup artistMalwina Szablewska
    Makeup artistAneta Chaber-Stankiewicz
    ComposerPaweł Krawczyk [1]
    ProducerMikołaj Lizut
    Supervising producerDominik DrzewieckiCanal+
    Supervising producerAgnieszka NejmanCanal+ [pl]
    Production designerAnna Sitkowska
    Production designerMagdalena Mrozowska
    Production managerMichał Maksym
    ScreenwriterKrzysztof VargaEp. 1
    ScreenwriterSylwia ChutnikEp. 6
    ScreenwriterIgnacy KarpowiczEp. 11
    ScreenwriterDorota Masłowskaep. 4
    ScreenwriterMichał WitkowskiEp. 9
    ScreenwriterJakub ŻulczykEp. 2
    ScreenwriterIzabela KunaEp. 7
    ScreenwriterMaciej ŁubieńskiEp. 12
    ScreenwriterManuela GretkowskaEp. 5
    ScreenwriterPaweł SołtysEp. 10
    ScreenwriterKatarzyna NosowskaEp. 3
    ScreenwriterJarosław MikołajewskiEp. 8
    Production sound mixerMariusz Szyc
    Production sound mixerMichał Kawiak
    Production sound mixerMichał Stawecki
    Production sound mixerJakub Gadomski


    Public Relation/PublicityConnect the Dots Film AgencyFestival strategy


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Mikołaj Lizut2020Canneseries 2020Short Form CompetitionNominated


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingPolandCanal+ [pl]Saturday, 08/06/2019