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Independent Feature Film | 2018-2024 | Drama, Psychodrama, Thriller | Germany, United Kingdom, USA
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Shooting data

LocationsGermany -Allgäu, Austria - Bregenz
Filming regionsAustria - Vorarlberg, Germany - Bavaria

Brief synopsis

Love and madness, genius and madness - and cold calculation. A remote, traditional farming village somewhere along the German/Austrian border. Three expatriates, an up and coming Irish artist (Ben), his Brazilian heiress wife (Frau Benner) and their American psychiatrist and friend (Dr. Günther Mayer) plot Ben's accelerated ascension to international fame. But tensions arise, loyalties are tested until it seems that the thread of reality itself can no longer be trusted. And who is really pulling the strings, so tightly, that they all threaten to snap?


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Shaun Paul McGrathBen [L]
Hanni BergeschFr Benner [L]
Simona BrokmannDorothee [L]
J.David HinzeDr. Günther Mayer [L]
Celina HulkaDora Benner [SR]
Franz FleckMayor Klaus Lebermann [SR]


DirectorWerner Schumann
EditorThomas David
ComposerChristopher Llewellyn Carter
ProducerWerner Schumann
Executive producerRick Romano
Executive producerCharles Morris Jr.
Executive producerWerner Schumann
Executive producerHarel Goldstein
Production managerFranz Fleck
ScreenwriterWerner Schumann
Production sound mixerTim Kehle

Production companies

Longlands Entertainment
Schumann Brothers [uk]

Distribution / Sales companies

Global Genesis Group [us]