The Wall-Crosser

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    TV Movie | 2015-2016 | arte | Comedy, film based on literary source | France

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    Start of shooting07/07/2015
    End of shooting12/08/2015

      Brief synopsis

      Emile lives a routine life, his days spent going to work and visiting his elderly mother. Until he discovers he has an extraordinary power…he can walk through walls. The discovery coincides with the arrival of mysterious Ariane, an attractive new intern at work. Suddenly Emile’s uneventful life swerves into the fast lane: he stops visiting his mother, starts driving his boss crazy, embarks on a string of high-risk robberies, and eventually ends up behind bars…over and over again. What could stop him now?


      ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
      Denis PodalydèsÉmile Dutilleul [L]Robert Missler
      Marie DompnierAriane [L]Vera Teltz
      Scali DelpeyratFranck Lecuyer [L]Bernd Vollbrecht
      Maryvonne SchiltzViviane, Emile's mother [GS]Kornelia Boje
      Roger JendlyMonsieur Lascar [GS]Peter Groeger
      Claude PerronVéronique [GS]Katrin Zimmermann
      Jacques BonnafféMinister of the Interior [GS]Helmut Gauss
      Élisabeth MazevPrime Minister [SR]Andrea Aust
      Christophe VandeveldeLe chef du raid [SR]
      Delphine GuillaudMarie [SR]
      Alice ButaudChloé [SR]
      Steve TranNicolas [SR]
      Franck RichardBruno [SR]
      Cyril GueïFred [SR]
      Céline Milliat-BaumgartnerDoctor [SR]Jessica Walther-Gabory
      Maly DialloLa concierge [SR]
      Émilien MatheyPierrot [SR]


      Director of photographyDominique Colin
      Costume designerAnne Schotte
      DirectorDante Desarthe
      Director (dubbing)Frank Wesel
      EditorMathilde Muyard
      ComposerKrishna Levy
      ProducerLaëtitia Gonzalez
      ProducerNathalie Vallet
      ProducerYaël Fogiel
      Production designerPhilippe Boulenouar
      ScreenwriterDante Desarthe
      Literary sourceMarcel Ayméshort story

      Production companies

      Les Films du Poisson [fr]
      Neyrac Films [fr]in association with


      Sound (Postproduction)Taunus Synchron GmbH [de]German dubbing


      TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
      RepeatFrancearteFriday, 09/04/2021, 8.55 PM
      RepeatGermanyarteFriday, 09/04/2021, 8.15 PM
      First showingFrancearteFriday, 16/12/2016, 8.55 PM
      First showingGermanyarteFriday, 16/12/2016