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The Storyteller

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    TV Movie | 2023 | France 2 [fr] | Dramedy, Literature | France

    Shooting data

    Start of shooting17/04/2023
    End of shooting23/06/2023
    Filming regionsFrance - Paris Île-de-France

    Project data

    Length of movie92′

    Brief synopsis

    Based on a true story.

    Right after the publication of the novel "The Life Before Us" under the pseudonym Émile Ajar, Romain Gary had his literary double played by his cousin Paul Pavlowitch. Everyone falls for it: the press, the publishers as well as the readers. Well, almost everyone: Adèle, a literature student at the Sorbonne, is convinced that Émile Ajar and Romain Gary are the same writer.

    She goes to see Romain Gary at his home to confront him. Will she give him up? Or will the storyteller succeed in drawing her into his tale?


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Charles BerlingRomain Gary [L]
    Claire de La Rüe du CanAdèle [L]
    Pierre PerrierPaul Pavlowitch [L]
    Miranda RaisonJean Seberg [SR]
    Anne CharrierGisèle Halimi [SR]
    Philippine DelaireMartine [SR]
    Gaspard Meier-ChaurandSergueï [SR]
    Scali DelpeyratProfesseur Meyer [SR]
    Arthur RémiRémy [SR]
    Dominique BastienPatron Lipp [SR]
    Clément MoreauLibraire [SR]


    Director of photographyPénélope Pourriat
    Costume designerRebecca Renault
    Assistant costume designerAlice Neuville
    3rd assistant costume designerBelza Beausoleil
    3rd assistant costume designerChloé Rieu
    Costumer / wardrobeMarilou Caravati
    DirectorPhilippe Lefebvre
    EditorJoël Bochter
    ProducerMarc-Antoine Robert
    ProducerXavier Rigault
    ProducerMédéric Albouy
    Production designerJohann George
    Production managerThomas Berthon-Fischman
    ScreenwriterFrançois-Henri Desérable
    ScreenwriterMaria Pourchet
    Production sound mixerBenjamin Jaussaud

    Production companies

    2.4.7. Films [fr]
    247 Max
    247 Max

    Distribution / Sales companies

    France TV Distribution [fr]


    2023FranceLa Rochelle - Festival de la Fiction TV
    Compétition Française – Unitaires
    Compétition Française – Unitaires


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingFranceFrance 2 [fr]Monday, 12/02/2024, 9.10 PM

    Cinema releases and premieres

    PremiereThursday, 14/09/2023Festival de la Fiction TV de La Rochelle [fr]