The Roundup

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    Feature Film | 2009-2010 | Drama, Period | France, Germany, Hungary

    Brief synopsis

    1942. Joseph is eleven years old.

    This fine June morning, he must go to school, a yellow star sewn onto his jacket. He receives encouragement from a bric-à-trader neighbor, is mocked by the baker. People show kindness, others contempt. Jo, his pals, Jewish just like he, and their families learn to live in occupied Paris in the Butte Montmartre, where they've taken refuge. Or so they had thought, until this morning of July 16, 1942, when their fragile happiness is shattered.

    From the Vélodrome D’Hiver, where 13,000 people were rounded up and cramped together, to the Beaune-La-Rolande camp, from Vichy to the Berghof terrace, La Rafle follows the real destinies of the executioners' victims. It tells the tale of those who orchestrated the round-up, those who were against it, those who felt confident, those who fled.

    All the characters in the film existed in real life. All the events, even the most extreme, took place in this summer of 1942.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Jean RenoDr. David Sheinbaum [L]
    Mélanie LaurentAnnette Monod [L]
    Gad ElmalehSchmuel Weismann [L]
    Raphaëlle AgoguéSura Weismann [L]
    Sylvie TestudBella Zygler [GS]
    Hugo LeverdezJo Weismann [SR]
    Oliver CywieSymon Ziegler [SR]Julian Valerio Rehrl
    Rebecca MarderRachel Weismann [SR]
    Anne BrochetDina Traube [SR]
    Isabelle GélinasHélène Timonier [SR]
    Thierry FrémontCapitaine Pierret [SR]
    Catherine AllégretConcierge « Tati » [SR]
    Holger Daemgen
    Helmut Knochen [SR]
    Thomas DarchingerHeinrich Himmler [SR]
    Johannes Oliver HammLeutnant [SR]
    Udo SchenkAdolf [SR]
    Franziska SchubertEva Braun [SR]
    Bernhard SchützKarl Oberg [SR]


    1st ADNicolas Guy
    2nd ADPascale Jeanniard
    Vfx supervisorThomas Duval
    ColoristFabien Pascal
    Director of photographyDavid Ungaro
    Casting directorOlivier Carbone
    Casting directorCornelia von BraunGerman Cast
    Casting director (children)Agathe Hassenforder
    Costume designer (creator)Pierre-Jean Larroque
    DirectorRoselyne Bosch
    Script supervisorJacqueline Gamard
    EditorYann Malcor
    Key hair stylistAgathe Dupuis
    Key makeup artistPascale Bouquière
    ComposerChristian Henson
    ProducerIlan Goldman
    Production designerOlivier Raoux
    Set decoratorCécile Vatelot
    Line producerMarc Vadé
    Post production supervisorAbraham Goldblat
    Unit managerNicolas Davy
    Production assistantChristophe Guillerault
    ScreenwriterRoselyne Bosch
    Production sound mixerLaurent Zeilig
    Sound re-recording mixerJean-Paul Hurier
    Sound editorRaphaël Sohier
    Adr editorMicki JoanniGerman version
    Adr recordistMarkus GlunzGerman version
    InterpreterYann-Eryl Mer


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 10/02/2011
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 10/03/2010