The Lookout

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    Feature Film | 2011-2012 | Whodunit | Belgium, France, Italy


    Brief synopsis

    Captain Mattei is about to arrest a notorious gang of bank robbers when a sniper hiding on the roof wounds a group of cops with the aim of allowing his accomplices to get away. One of the gang is severely wounded, obliging them to change their original plan. Hiding out at a corrupt doctor's place, the gang must divide up their loot. Captain Mattei organizes a huge manhunt, thereby driving the gang into a genuine descent into hell.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Daniel AuteuilMattei [L]
    Mathieu KassovitzVincent Kaminski [L]
    Olivier GourmetFranck [L]
    Francis RenaudEric [SR]
    Nicolas BriançonMeyer [SR]
    Jérôme PoulyDavid [SR]
    Violante PlacidoAnna [SR]
    Luca ArgenteroNico [SR]
    Arly JoverKathy [SR]
    Christian HecqGerfaut [SR]
    Michele PlacidoGiovanni [SR]
    Hocine ChoutriGitan Arnaud [SR]
    Pascal BongardMitch [SR]
    Géraldine MartineauSonia [SR]
    Flavien TassartMarco Franzetti [SR]


    1st ADThierry Verrier
    Director of photographyArnaldo Catinari
    Still photographerStéphane Kyndt
    Casting directorJuliette Denis
    Costume designerVirginie Montel
    DirectorMichele Placido
    Script supervisorLydia Bigard
    EditorSébastien Prangère
    EditorConsuelo Catucci
    Key hair stylistLaurent Bozzi
    Key makeup artistJoël Lavau
    ComposerNicolas Errèra
    ComposerEvgueni Galperine
    ComposerSacha Galperine
    ProducerFabio Conversi
    Production designerJean-Jacques Gernolle
    Line producerJean-Yves Asselin
    Production managerPhilippe Chaussende
    Unit managerFrançois Pulliat
    Assistant location managerAdrien Adriaco
    ScreenwriterCédric Melon
    ScreenwriterDenis Brusseaux
    Production sound mixerJean Minondo
    Sound re-recording mixerPhilippe Baudhuin
    Sound editorFrédéric Demolder
    Sound editorNicolas Provost

    Production companies

    Babe Films [fr]
    Climax Films [be]
    Filmarno [it]

    Distributing companies

    Studiocanal [fr]France (theatrical)


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 05/09/2012