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Tesciowie | ©Next Film
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The In-Laws

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    Feature Film | 2021 | Comedy | Poland

    Project data

    Length of movie82 min


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    Brief synopsis

    Via a bravura 16-minute single-take opening tracking shot, we are introduced in media res to Andrzej (The Queen’s Gambit’s Marcin Dorociński) and wife Malgorzata (Maja Ostaszewska), a rich couple having a very bad day indeed: their son has just deserted his fiancée at the altar. As the wedding band tunes up in a swanky hotel ballroom, Andrzej decides to go ahead with the reception. After all, everything is paid for and a lot of wedding guests have come from afar, so why not? But then Wanda (Izabela Kuna) and Tadeusz (Adam Woronowicz)—the working-class parents of the bride-not-to-be—show up, determined to extract their pound of flesh…
    In Kuba Michalczuk’s fast-paced, darkly funny directorial debut, the vodka flows, revelations occur, and chaos ensues as Michalczuk’s constantly roving camera reveals—and justly skewers—the hypocrisies and greedy desires of rich and poor alike. It’s a hoot!


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Marcin DorocińskiAndrzej [L]
    Izabela KunaWanda [L]
    Maja OstaszewskaMałgorzata [L]
    Adam WoronowiczTadeusz [L]
    Ewa Dałkowskan.a. [SR]
    Piotr Kaźmierczakn.a. [SR]
    Maciej Miszczakn.a. [SR]
    Sebastian Perdekn.a. [SR]
    Monika Pikułan.a. [SR]
    Otar Saralidzen.a. [SR]
    Jakub GuszkowskiKelner [SR]
    Mateusz KrolWitek Bieńkowski [SR]
    Antonina JarnuszkiewiczŚwiadkowa [BP]
    Paweł TomaszewskiMarek Marzec


    Director of photographyMichał Englert
    Casting directorMarta Kownacka
    Costume designerKatarzyna Lewińska
    DirectorJakub Michalczuk
    EditorWojciech Włodarski
    Assistant editorLudwik Sielicki
    Lighting technician / electricianMaciej Całka
    Hair/makeup designerLiliana Gałązka
    Hair/makeup designerLudmiła Krawczyk
    Additional make up artistWiktoria Abramczyk
    Additional make up artistAneta Chaber-Stankiewicz
    ComposerJerzy Rogiewicz
    ProducerMichał Kwieciński
    Executive producerMałgorzata Fogel-Gabryś
    Production designerJakub Zwolak
    Production designerMarta Zając
    Set decoratorMarta Zając
    Set decoratorJakub Zwolak
    Line producerPaweł Gabryś
    Location coordinatorMikołaj Popławski
    Location coordinatorZuzanna Żywicka
    ScreenwriterMarek Modzelewski [1]
    Sound designerBłażej Kafarski

    Production companies

    Akson Studio [pl]

    Distribution / Sales companies

    Next Film [pl]
    Germany et. al. (OmU)
    Germany et. al. (OmU)




    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Adam Woronowicz2022Mastercard Off Camera
    Best Actor
    Best ActorWinner
    Jakub Michalczuk2021Vancouver International Film Festival [au]
    Contemporary World Cinema Audience Award
    Contemporary World Cinema Audience AwardWinner


    2021PolandCamerimage Festival
    Polish Competition
    Polish Competition
    2021CanadaVancouver International Film Festival
    Official Selection
    Official Selection

    Cinema releases and premieres

    Theatre releaseGermanySunday, 26/09/2021
    Theatre releasePolandFriday, 10/09/2021