Indie Feature Film | 2017-2018 | Action, Thriller | Germany

Project data

Length of movie1h27


Brief synopsis

An assassin hunts and tortures his old predecessor in the basement of his European home, only to reveal the lies and corruption of their international hitman agency by taking a journey through the manipulations of the old man's past.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Everett Ray AponteLucas Kane [L]
Erik HansenJoseph Kyler [L]
Dominik StarckYoung Joseph [L]
Don WilsonThe Dragon [L]
Kathrin HöhneJane Adler [SR]
Beatrix KlimpkeEmily [SR]
Thomas LinzRonald Smith [SR]
Carolina Rath
Nina [SR]
Wolfgang RiehmAgency Director Clemens [SR]
Hannes SellBaron [SR]
Volkram ZschiescheEric, the Cleaner [SR]


Director of photographyDean Dörner
DirectorDominik Starck
ComposerMarvin Hartmann
ProducerJens Nier
ProducerDominik Starck
Executive producerNico Sentner

Production companies

Starck Entertainment [de]

Distributing companies

Generation X Group GmbH [de]