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The Editorial Office

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    Feature Film | 2021-2023 | Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine

      Brief synopsis

      In the wild steppes of southern Ukraine, a young nature researcher named Yura is looking for an endangered species of groundhog but instead witnesses a crime. Eager to expose the truth, Yura takes his photo evidence to the local newspaper's editorial office. However, he quickly realizes that nobody there cares about pursuing justice. While a big war is looming over the horizon, Yura's naive worldview is splintering in a storm of fake news, rigged political elections, and mysterious cult rituals. On his quest, the hero is about to find out who he really is an endangered species of a good man or just a loser? (https://www.filmcenter.cz/en/films-people/4344-the-editorial-office)


      1st ADAnastasiia Iamshchykova
      Vfx supervisorFelix Brokbals
      VFX executiveRobert Lacroix
      Digital compositor / compositing artistFelix Brokbals
      Director of photographyVadim Ilkov
      DirectorRoman Bondarchuk
      EditorHeike Parplies
      fine cut
      fine cut
      ProducerTanja Georgieva-Waldhauer
      ProducerDarya Averchenko
      ProducerDarya Bassel
      Production designerKirill Shuvalov
      ScreenwriterAlla Tiutiunnyk
      ScreenwriterDarya Averchenko
      ScreenwriterRoman Bondarchuk


      2024GermanyBerlin Int. Film Festival (Berlinale)
      World premiere - Forum
      World premiere - Forum

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      PremiereFriday, 16/02/2024Berlinale