The Edge

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    Feature Film | 2009-2010 | Arthouse | France, Germany

    Brief synopsis

    François, a young doctor fresh out of med-school, relocates from Paris to Beauval, a new town, where monotonous rows of brand-new houses make up the residential “Beauval Heights”. François quickly becomes the target for an adolescent gang, led by Cédric and Matthieu, a charismatic leader and his associate. At the edges of the forest, they play dangerous games to beat back their boredom. Dares, provocation, seduction, anything is an excuse to break the routine.

    But one of their games goes wrong. The body of 12 year-old Agnes is found at the side of the road, the victim of a hit-and-run. The community sticks together in the face of this drama. However because of their will to dominate, Cédric and Matthieu don’t intend to simply forget the accident.

    Repressing their own part in the tragedy, they determine to find the runaway driver. Suspecting François as the possible driver, they harass him with new fervor. The gang loiters in and around his house and closes in on his fiancé. Only the 14 year-old Claire has reserves, a sign of her attraction to the young doctor. A unique friendship develops between them, but she turns out to be his downfall. The seemingly tranquil little village is pervaded by a menacing atmosphere of suspicion and manipulation. François’ life is in danger.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Melvil PoupaudFrancois [L]
    Audrey MarnayJeanne [L]
    Hippolyte GirardotSam [L]
    Alice De JodeClaire [SR]
    Phénix Brossardn.a. [SR]
    Delphine ChuillotSuzanne [SR]
    Susanne Wuest
    Julie [SR]
    Georg FriedrichFalk Gregorovitch [SR]
    Pauline Acquartn.a. [SR]
    Elias Borst-SchumannMatthieu [SR]
    Marie Fritel-SinaAgnes [SR]
    Eva PoussierMarie [SR]
    Aurélie HougronAline [SR]
    Charles CrespoTibo [SR]
    Pierre LevavasseurArno [SR]
    Filip PeetersRasmus van Straaten [SR]
    Vincent OzanonInspector [SR]
    GirlAntonia Putiloff


    Post production supervisorRebekka Garrido
    Director of photographyJosée Deshaies
    Casting directorJessika Eisenkolb
    Casting directorAurélie Guichard
    Costume designerHelena Gonçalves
    DirectorGéraldine Bajard
    EditorBettina Böhler
    Trailer editorViola Isenbürger
    2011, Germany
    2011, Germany
    Makeup artist / hair stylistThomas Majorosi
    ProducerBritta Knöller
    ProducerTom Dercourt
    ProducerHans-Christian Schmid
    Production designerDaniel Bevan
    Standby propsAurore Casalis
    Location scoutSamuel Rodriguez-Mallet
    Secondary scenery markers
    Secondary scenery markers
    Production managerJamila Wenske
    Production managerBénédicte Mellac
    Unit managerBenoît Baverel
    ScreenwriterGéraldine Bajard
    Production sound mixerOlivier Dandré
    Sound re-recording mixerMatthias Schwab
    Sound designerKai Tebbel

    Production companies

    23/5 Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
    Cinéma Defacto [fr]

    Distributing companies

    RFF - Real Fiction Filmverleih [de]
    Germany (theatrical)
    Germany (theatrical)
    The Match Factory GmbH [de]
    International Sales
    International Sales
    Zootrope Films [fr]
    France (theatrical)
    France (theatrical)


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 28/04/2011
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 27/04/2011