The Connection

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    Feature Film | 2013-2014 | Crime, Period, Whodunit | Belgium, France


    Brief synopsis

    Marseille. 1975. Pierre Michel, a young magistrate who's moved south from Metz with his wife and children, is appointed a judge of organized crime. He decides to attack The Connection, a gangster organization that exports heroin throughout the world. Taking no heed of warnings, Judge Michel sets out alone against Gaëtan Zampa, a emblematic figure of the crime world and a boss whose position and contacts make untouchable. But the judge rapidly comes to realize that, to get results, he must change his methods.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Jean DujardinPierre Michel [L]
    Gilles LelloucheGaëtan Zampa [L]
    Céline SalletteJacqueline Michel [L]
    Mélanie DouteyChristiane Zampa [L]
    Benoît MagimelLe Fou [L]
    Guillaume GouixJosé Alavarez [L]
    Bruno TodeschiniLe Banquier [SR]
    Moussa MaaskriFranky Manzoni [SR]
    Cyril LecomteMarco Da Costa [SR]
    Bernard BlancanLucien Aymé-Blanc [SR]
    Gérard MeylanAnge Mariette [SR]
    Éric FraticelliBianchi [SR]
    Féodor AtkineGaston Deferre [SR]


    1st ADFabien Vergez
    Director of photographyLaurent Tangy
    Casting directorCoralie Amédéo
    Costume designer (creator)Carine Sarfati
    DirectorCédric Jimenez
    EditorSophie Reine
    ComposerGuillaume Roussel
    ProducerIlan Goldman
    Production designerJean-­‐Philippe Moreaux
    Line producerMarc Vadé
    Postproduction managerAbraham Goldblat
    Unit managerMax Besnard
    Production assistantColine Rémy
    ScreenwriterAudrey Diwan
    ScreenwriterCédric Jimenez
    Production sound mixerCédric Deloche
    Sound re-recording mixerMarc Doisne
    Sound mastering engineerGuillaume Couturier
    Sound editorPascal Villard

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    Gaumont [fr]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 03/12/2014