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The Answer

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    Short Film | 2021 | Religion | Ukraine


    Brief synopsis

    The universe is alive and intelligent, and it changes. The vibrations of the Earth are increasing and this has a direct effect on us as part of this living system. And this very time they will look into the very essence of things, into the essence of life and our own Soul.
    In this film, such aspects of life and the human psyche will be examined in detail, without which harmonious life on our Earth is simply impossible. Let's analyze such concepts that have not been talked about in society for a long time, as if they remained somewhere outside the usual hustle and bustle, namely the concepts of "Human maturity", "Responsibility", "Honor", "Conscience", "Dignity", "Justice" ", "Human Rights" and, of course, "Will" and let's see how it all weaves together in the human soul and how it is interconnected.


    ColoristArtur Finaiev
    Director of photographyArtur Finaiev
    DirectorVolodimir Nevelsky

    Production companies

    Fin Film, Artur Finaiev [ua]