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Tetiana Malkova, actress, musical artist, operetta artist, singer, speaker, voice actress, Warsaw
  • Actress
  • musical artist
  • operetta artist
  • singer
  • speaker
  • voice actress
Born 1988 in Kiev (35 Years)

Basic data

SingingA cappellaJazzRock/PopSoul / RnB
Skills (dance)Argentine TangoBachataContemporary DanceJazzdanceLatin-AmericanModern DanceRock and RollSalsaSambaStandard
Skills (sports)aerobicbadmintonbeach volleyballfigure skatinghorseback ridingmotor sports | motorcyclepilatesracing bicycleshooting (hand-gun)swimmingtennisyoga
Immediate working areaWarsaw
1st residence (federal state or country)Poland - Greater Poland



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About Tetiana Malkova

Was born on September 16, 1988 in Kyiv in the family of a primary school teacher. The family lived extremely poor, in a communal apartment. Since childhood, I was hyperactive, fond of dancing, music, sports. Due to limited finances, I found all the free clubs in the area and attended them very actively. At the age of 10, my mother had to go to work in France, meanwhile I stayed with my aunt in Melitopol city. It was this year when I began to do aerial gymnastics in the circus studio. Unfortunately, a year after when my mother returned, I left the circus, as it was not possible to continue doing this in my hometown.
At the age of 11, I found a modern dance studio, which agreed to accept me for free. With this studio, I’ve spent more than 5 years. I was the smallest soloist of the group, many dance festivals were won together.
At the age of 14, I entered the Pedagogical College on faculty "Teacher of primary school and English". The choice of this educational institution was made not at will, but rather on the basis of financial capabilities. It was one of the few institutions where you could enroll for free. In the same year, I started to work for the first time. I spent the summer months as a waitress in one of the capital's restaurants.
At the age of 15, continued to work as a waiter. Combining study and work, I began to learn singing with a teacher from the college. Also I became the main actress of the student theater.
At the age of 16, together with vocal teacher, I began to work in one of the best Georgian restaurants in Kyiv with music - there we performed Georgian jazz and classic worlds jazz hits.
Also on the college’s stage we organized mine first solo concert, which consisted of 15 world hits of different directions - jazz, pop, rock, romances.
At the age of 17, I decided to take part in an international student exchange program. For that I had to enter the university that particulary take part in this program - Kyiv National Economic University, at the Faculty of International Relationships.
As it was time for entrance exams, I decided to try my luck at the theater institute as well. And I succeeded. But after the first week of study at the theater institute, I had to leave it. The reason was the sexual harassment of my curator. I was a little girl and I was afraid to talk about it, so I quietly took the documents and returned to my studies at the Pedagogical and Economic Educational Institutions, working as tutoring and vocalist.
(And 15 years later, one brave girl, who was barely raped by the same teacher, did not remain silent. This is how the story of Volodymyr Talashko, sensational in Ukraine, was revealed - for many years he used his position and harassed his students, one of whom was me)
At 18, I got a driver's license, although first time I drove a car at 14.
At the age of 19, I brilliantly graduated from the Pedagogical College. Got married.
At the age of 20, gave birth to a daughter, Alice, and successfully graduated from the University of Economics.
A year later, received an invitation to be the host of the leading automotive program. I worked there for 2 years as an automotive journalist. Did test drives of new products around the world.
Soon I received the position of executive producer of the channel. Worked in this position for more then a year.
At the same time, I continued to singing. With the famous Ukrainian composer Yuri Grom, we recorded an album of Ukrainian folk songs in modern arrangements and made jazz

program. We sang on VIP parties but it was not often as he and I had a lot of other work.
At 23, I became a participant in the show "Voice of the Country-3", reached the semifinals.
At the age of 24, I successfully passed the casting in the super popular morning show "Rise" and became its host for one year. Unfortunately, our relationships with my husband got cold and we peacefully divorced.
Soon I accepted the offer to establish
my own automobile program on the top channel in Ukraine "Dzedai”.
At 25, I met Dmitry Malkov, who inspired me for the first time in my life to be brave enough to do what I love. I quit of my TV job, became his wife and began to actively engage in the acting profession. Dmitro organized classes for me with his acting teacher, one of the best Artist of Ukraine - Nina Sharalapova. I also graduated from the Kyiv School of TV and Radio Hosts, and took an individual acting course by Ivana Chubbak.
In 2016, I became pregnant with two
projects at once – my son George and the script for the New Year's comedy "Boombastic New Year”.
And after 9 months, my husband and I gave birth to both of them.
Endlessly reading acting and screenwriting books, I started acting in small episodes and a
year later I got my first major role.
Then we wrote more scripts: "Let’s dance
2”, "Thai Vacation”.
Due to my exploring of personal acting skills I invented a special comedy personality – Eva Budyak. For two years – it was a real comedy bomb in Instagramm and You Tube – got more then 20 millions views and 120 thousands of followers.

Since 2019, my acting career has skyrocketed, I regularly filmed, dubbed, attended ballroom dancing and vocal lessons.
February 24, 2022 changed the lives of many Ukrainians.
2 weeks after the start of the war, the whole family moved to Poland. And already in March 2022, I won the casting and received an invitation to one of the most popular series "For good and for bad” in Polish, which has been running for more than 20 years on the top channel. Especially for the Ukrainian actress, a story was written for several episodes, but after editing these episodes, my character was prescribed for a whole season (maybe more than one)

Known for


2018Ivana Chubbak workshop
2017 to 2020Actor classes Nina Sharalapova
2010Astra Sapience Radio and TV-host school

Movies as actress

2023Będziemy mieszkać razem
Olena [SR]
TV Series, TVP [pl]MultipleOlena [SR]
2023Na dobre i na złe
Olena Kosenko [L]
TV Series, TVP [pl]Sara Bustamante-DrozdekOlena Kosenko [L]
2022Taste of Freedom
Lesya [L]
Feature FilmAlexander BerezanLesya [L]
2021Polling station with DVRZ
Sofia Tkachenko [SS]
TV Series, ICTV [ua]Dmitry AndreyanovSofia Tkachenko [SS]
2021Morsyka policiya. Chornomorsyk
Maryna Zajchenko [L]
TV Series, ICTV [ua]Ihor HomaMaryna Zajchenko [L]
Yana [L]
TV Series, TET [ua]Dmytro MalkovYana [L]
2021My favorite strashko
Olga Kravetz [L]
TV Series, 1+1 [ua]Maksim MehedaOlga Kravetz [L]
2020Polling station with DVRZ
Sofia Tkachenko [SS]
TV Series, ICTV [ua]MultipleSofia Tkachenko [SS]
Vila [SR]
TV Series, STB [ua]Yevhen BaranovVila [SR]
2020Kozaky - Absolyutno brekhlyva istoriya
Katerina [SS]
TV Series, ICTV [ua]Alexander BerezanKaterina [SS]
Journalist [SS]
TV Series, ICTV [ua]Alexander BerezanJournalist [SS]
2018Call Cop
Kristina [SS]
TV SeriesDenis TarasovKristina [SS]
2018Ментівські війни - Харків
Natalia Mazur [SS]
TV Series, 1+1 [ua]MultipleNatalia Mazur [SS]
2018Рік собаки
Lika [L]
Limited series, Ukraina / Kanal Ukraina [ua]Anton GoydaLika [L]
2017Porobleno in Ukraine
Actress in project [LE]
TV-Show, 1+1 [ua]Dmytro MalkovActress in project [LE]

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2013 - 2014Show productionPidyomTv hostNovy Channel
2003Show productionThe Voice - 3Participant1+1

Basic data

Height168 cm
Body typeathletic-sporty
Clothing sizeS
Ethnic appearanceeast european, oriental, white central european
Hair colourbrown
Hair lengthlong
Eye colourgreen
Voice typemezzosoprano
SingingA cappellaJazzRock/PopSoul / RnB
Skills (dance)Argentine TangoBachataContemporary DanceJazzdanceLatin-AmericanModern DanceRock and RollSalsaSambaStandard
Skills (sports)aerobicbadmintonbeach volleyballfigure skatinghorseback ridingmotor sports | motorcyclepilatesracing bicycleshooting (hand-gun)swimmingtennisyoga
Special skillsBasic stunt
Experience abroadEastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine
Immediate working areaWarsaw
1st residence (federal state or country)Poland - Greater Poland