Projects saved at Crew United

    2018Sea of ShadowsDocumentary Feature
    2016Life in the cloudsDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]
    2015Amur - Asias AmazonDocumentary (Series), Servus TV [at]
    2015The immortal forestDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]
    2014The Ivory GameDocumentary
    2014TM WissenTV Magazine, Servus TV [at]
    2014MindgamersFeature Film
    2014Brothers of the WindFeature Film
    2014Secrets of the HiveDocumentary
    2013Amur - Asias AmazonDocumentary (Series), Servus TV [at]
    2013Wilder KaukasusDocumentary (Mini Series), NDR [de]Koproduktion
    2013Between WorldsDocumentary (Mini Series)
    2012Terra Mater - The Tulip BubbleDocumentary (Series)
    2012Aurora - Fire In The SkyDocumentary
    2012Africa Race - Zwei Brüder zwischen Paris und DakarDocumentary (Mini Series), Servus TV [at]
    2011The Lions Rule / Lion KingdomDocu-Fiction Mini Series
    2011Terra Mater - Der Schrei des AdlersDocumentary (Series), Servus TV [at]
    2011The Neanderthals’ dark SecretDocumentary