Team Spirit

  • Les Beaux Esprits (Working title)
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Feature Film | 2017-2018 | Comedy | France

Brief synopsis

Pippo and Stan, best friends, share a common love for basketball and a longtime misfortune. That is until they come across a once in a lifetime opportunity: joining the French Paralympics basketball team, acting as mentally challenged. Out of players and time, the national coach recruits them willingly. Pippo and Stan fly to Sydney for the Olympic games with their teammates. Getting to know the disabled and the Paralympics community, they will soon get carried away by the competition. They actually have a shot at winning. That is, if they don’t get caught...


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Ahmed SyllaStan [L]
Jean-Pierre DarroussinMartin [L]
Olivier BarthélémyPippo [L]
Camélia JordanaJulia [L]
Estéban (David Boring)André [GS]
Vincent ChalambertFreddie [SR]
Clément LanglaisYohan [SR]
Jérémie de NicolaMichel [SR]
Thomas De PourquerySami [SR]
Walid Ben MabroukMalik [SR]
Nina Simonpoli-BarthélemyAlice [SR]
Delphine ChuillotHélène [SR]
Frank BellocqFrank [SR]
Nicole KirbyRose [SR]
Liza PaturelPaprika [SR]
Dominic GouldOwen Gordon [SR]
Florian SpitzerSergei [SR]
Ilan TouitouMédecin CIP [SR]
Doreen ChaussadasTraductrice australienne [SR]
Joaquim TivoukouJoaquim le basketteur [SR]
Julien DesjardinsJulien le basketteur [SR]
Announcer [BP]Avant Strangel
Malena Perrotjournaliste [BP]
Romy MilelliFille de boîte de nuit


1st ADAurélien Fauchet
Director of photographyMartin De Chabaneix
DirectorVianney Lebasque
Script supervisorClémence Colombani-Lentheric
EditorClaire Fieschi
Key/dolly gripThomas Gros
GafferOlivier Régent
ComposerAudrey Ismaël
ComposerBastien Burger
ProducerJean-Yves Robin
ProducerMarc Stanimirovic
ProducerMarc-Étienne Schwartz
Production designerAlain Delgrange
Prop masterXavière Protat
Line producerPhilippe Schwartz
Line producerGerardo FernandesPortugal
Unit managerStéphane Jack Riou
ScreenwriterVictor Rodenbach
ScreenwriterVianney Lebasque
ScreenwriterFrank Bellocq
Production sound mixerRomain de Gueltzl

Production companies

Monkey Pack Films [fr]
M.E.S. Productions [fr]

Distributing companies

SND Sociéte Nouvelle de Distribution [fr]


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
RepeatFranceCiné+ [fr]Tuesday, 12/01/2021, 6.35 PMCiné+ Premier
RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Sunday, 27/09/2020, 8.50 PMCiné+ Émotions
RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Saturday, 28/03/2020, 8.50 PMCanal+ Cinéma
RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Saturday, 22/02/2020, 10.40 PMCanal+ Décalé
RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Friday, 10/01/2020, 11.15 PM
First showingFranceCanal+ [fr]Thursday, 02/01/2020, 9.05 PM


Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 31/10/2018