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Shooting data

Start of shooting01/05/2019
End of shooting14/06/2019

Brief synopsis

No sooner has Felix Murot arrived on vacation and is enjoying a glass of wine in the garden of the local restaurant than the irritable waitress slams a knuckle on his table that he has not ordered. She mistakes him for Walter Boenfeld, a married second-hand car dealer, who is sitting at the other end of the restaurant garden waiting in vain for his meal.

Murot sets off in search of the actual owner of the knuckle of pork and thus gets to know Walter, who resembles him like an egg. Inspired by this curious encounter, the two different gentlemen spend the evening together, drink too much and talk about life during a sauna session. When Murot wakes up the next day hungover on Walter's Hollywood swing - and thanks to a drunken swap in the clothes of his doppelganger - the inspector has to find out that Walter was driven to his death on the country road that night.

Was it his wife Monika, whom Walter had still claimed last night that she wanted to kill him? So Murot decides to leave his everyday life as an inspector behind temporarily, to dive into the life of his twin and go undercover. In the process, Murot falls more and more in love with the idea of leaving his old life behind. But Magda Wächter does not let her boss get away that easily. (PRESS/HR)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Ulrich TukurFelix Murot / Walter Boenfeld [L]
Barbara PhilippMagda Wächter [L]
Anne Ratte-PolleMonika Boenfeld [L]
Jochen HorstDoppelgänger Felix Murot [GS]
Thorsten MertenPeter Lessing [SR]
Carina WieseBirgit Lessing [SR]
Michael HanemannGeorg Heiss [SR]
Moritz FührmannRobert Blaske [SR]
Lena KalischSusa Kowaltschek [SR]


Vfx supervisorSteffen Wagener
Director of photographyCarol Burandt von Kameke
Camera operatorJonas Robert WeinholdB-Cam + 2nd Unit
Motion control operatorRolf Ableiterditogear T'rantula HD, 4 axis, Alexa Mini
Steadicam operatorOliver Kreutner
1st assistant cameraTobias M. BartlB-Cam + 2nd Unit/ 11DT
1st assistant cameraArmin KarahasanovicA-Cam
1st assistant cameraChristian DresslerB-Cam - One day
2nd assistant cameraSalvatore Detzel
DIT digital imaging technicianJulian Schmelzle
Rear projection plates operatorTobias SiebenPlate Operator
Rear projection plates operatorJannik KlingelPlate Operator
Rear projection plates operatorHendrik DygaPlate Assistant
Rear projection plates operatorThomas MatysiakProjektmanager
Rear projection plates operatorBen ImmelPlate Assistant
Still photographerBettina Müller
Casting directorNathalie Mischel
Costume designerMonika Gebauer
Assistant costume designerAntje Terp-Janiesch
WardrobeAnna Christine Schönbrunn
DirectorGrzegorz Muskala
1st AD (local system)Frank A. Schneider
Script supervisorCarsten Bergemann
EditorStefan Blau
Lighting technician / electricianWolfgang HaufEnergietechnik (ENT)
Makeup artist / hair stylistKarsten Reinert
Makeup artist / hair stylistDorle Neft
Fx makeup artistViktoria Stieber
ComposerBertram Denzel
Production designerManfred Döring
Assistant production designerJohannes Lukanow
Standby propsLücie Prohaska
Property assistantJens Frohnhöfer
Production managerUlrich Dautel
Location managerAmelie Kessler
Set manager/ floor managerThorsten Moeller
Assistant set/floor managerNiklas Nissen
ScreenwriterGrzegorz Muskala
ScreenwriterBenjamin Braeunlich
Production sound mixerSascha Mattlehner
Production sound mixerChristian Mathias
Commissioning editorJörg Himstedt
Commissioning editorErin Högerle
Editorial assistantDunja Guastella
Project managerBenedikt EisensteckenStunts: c/o Production Concept

Production companies

HR - Hessischer Rundfunk [de]


Cameras and Utilitiesaugeohr audiovisuell
Cameras and UtilitiesMBF Filmtechnik GmbH
GripStefan Visse-Hövels FahraufnahmenKamerawagen
Animals for FilmFilmtierhof Elsässer - Katja ElsässerHund
StuntsProduction Concept GmbH & Co. KGStunt-Support
Video/Computer PlaybackProduction Concept GmbH & Co. KGKFZ Plates


2020GermanyOldenburg Film FestivalInternational


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyARD [de]Sunday, 22/11/2020, 8.15 PM