Taste of Cement

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    Documentary Feature | 2015-2017 | Docu | Germany


    Brief synopsis

    Each morning at sunrise, Syrian workers in Lebanon climb construction sites, their hammer strokes waking the country – a country they only know from distance, as they are banned from moving through it, or swimming in its sea. While these Beirut Roosters rebuild Lebanese houses, the war in Syria destroys their own homes. That war brought together director Ziad Kalthoum, who left the Syrian Army to find refuge in Lebanon, and his fellow compatriots who work in Beirut. In this city, they share feelings of being alienated, unwanted and negated by Lebanese society. At night, they move into a hole underneath the construction site: their new home. Down here, the memories of home, war and what they have left behind plague them. Together, they share the pain and fear of losing their home country while finding themselves unable to construct a life for themselves. (http://www.dohafilminstitute.com/financing/projects/grants/the-taste-of-cement)


    Director of photographyTalal Khoury
    DirectorZiad Kalthoum
    EditorAlex Bakri
    EditorFrank BrummundtVornominierung Europäischer FP
    Assistant editorMirja Gerle
    ComposerSebastian Tesch
    ProducerAnsgar Frerich
    ProducerTobias N. Siebert
    ProducerEva Kemme
    ProducerSonja Heitmann
    Post production coordinatorSebastian Alten

    Production companies

    Basis Berlin Filmproduktion GmbH

    Distributing companies

    3Rosen GmbH [de]


    Public Relation/PublicityMedia Office
    Sound (Postproduction)BASIS Berlin Postproduktion GmbH


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Ziad Kalthoum2017Visions du Reel [ch]Compétition Internationale Longs MétragesNominated
    Ziad Kalthoum2017Hamburger FilmfestDer politische Film der Friedrich-Ebert-StiftungNominated
    Ansgar Frerich2018Deutscher Filmpreis (Lola) [de]Bester DokumentarfilmNominated
    Eva Kemme2018Deutscher Filmpreis (Lola) [de]Bester DokumentarfilmNominated
    Tobias N. Siebert2018Deutscher Filmpreis (Lola) [de]Bester DokumentarfilmNominated
    Ziad Kalthoum2018Deutscher Filmpreis (Lola) [de]Bester DokumentarfilmNominated
    Ziad Kalthoum2018Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [de]DokumentarfilmwettbewerbNominated
    Ziad Kalthoum2018Metropolis - Deutscher Regiepreis [de]Beste Regie DokumentationNominated
    Ziad Kalthoum2018Deutscher Menschenrechts-Filmpreis [de]LangfilmNominated
    Talal Khoury2018Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [de]Beste Bildgestaltung DokumentarfilmWinner


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 24/05/2018