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    About Tanya Jones

    I'm a seasoned location sound recorder, proficient in scripted and documentary-style productions. With over 20 years in the industry, I bring extensive experience to every project, offering both location sound recording and top-notch mixing services.

    Based in Greece, I'm ready to work anywhere in the world. I've successfully handled a diverse range of projects, from short videos to long-form shows and films. I pride myself on being a professional, efficient, and enjoyable collaborator.

    Let's team up to transform your vision into exceptional sound. Contact me today.

    Movies as sound designer

    2020Glimpses Into the Spirit of Gender EqualityShort DocumentaryKyle SchmalenbergWrapped Productions Inc. [ca]

    Basic data

    Own equipmentSound Device mix pro 6,
    Sennheiser G4 X2
    Sennheiser shotgun
    Røde Wireless GO
    EducationMSc Creative Technologies
    BSc Audio Engineering
    Higher Certificate of Education
    Immediate working areaThessaloniki
    1st residence (federal state or country)Greece - Central Macedonia