Projects saved at Crew United

    2021Chyłka. InwigilacjaSeries, TVN [pl]
    2020FoolsFeature FilmCo-production
    2020Chyłka. RewizjaSeries, TVN [pl]
    2020NieobecniTV Series, [pl]
    2020LabTV Series, TVN [pl]
    2020Listy do M 4Feature Film, TVN [pl]
    2020Prime TimeFeature FilmCo-production
    2020Żywioły Saszy. OgieńSeries, TVN [pl]
    2020MagnesiaFeature FilmCo-production
    2020BrzydUla 2TV Series, TVN [pl]
    2019Chyłka. KasacjaSeries, TVN [pl]
    2019365 daysFeature Film, TVN [pl]Co-production
    2019Broad PeakFeature Film, TVN [pl]co-production
    2019SzadźTV Series, TVN [pl]
    201925 years of innocence. The Case of Tomek KomendaFeature Film, TVN [pl]
    2018Chyłka. ZaginięcieSeries, TVN [pl]
    2018The HaterFeature Film, TVN [pl]Co-production
    2017DiagnoseTV Series, TVN [pl]
    2016BelferTV Series, TVN [pl]
    2016SingielkaTV Series