TV Series | Episodes 1-6 | 2021-2022 | TF1 [fr] | Thriller, Whodunit | France

Main data

DirectorLaure de Butler
Written byMathieu Missoffe, Franck Thilliez (literary source)
ProductionEscazal Films [fr]
DistributorNewen Distribution [fr]

Shooting data

Start of shooting10/05/2021
End of shooting07/10/2021
Filming regionsCanada, France, Morocco

Project data

Length of episode52 min
Episodes from/to1-6

Brief synopsis

Frank Sharko is a brooding, loner cop who lost his family in a terrorist attack. He’s particularly struggling to get over the death of daughter Eugenie, who appears to him in taunting visions.

At work, he’s currently investigating a mysterious case of missing children and a disturbing 1960s movie that spurs people who watch it to commit bizarre and dangerous acts. Detective Lucie Henebelle is a single mom who joins forces with Sharko after realising that events in her own past could be tied to his case. The beleaguered inspectors search for answers on an adrenalinefueled journey across three continents, from France to Canada to Morocco, shedding light on dark and troubling scientific experiments.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Vincent ElbazFranck Sharko [SS]
Jennifer DeckerLucie Henebelle [SS]
Emmanuelle BéartMaïa Leclerc [GS]
Richard BohringerDr François Moreau [GS]
Michèle BernierMarie Henebelle [GS]
Dominique BlancDr Elizabeth Moreau [GS]
Kool ShenVirgile di Maria [SSR]
Bérengère KriefClara Barsky [SSR]
Anne CharrierDr Florence Bordier [SSR]
Samy SeghirMahmoud Alaoui [SSR]
Marius ColucciJérôme Becker [SSR]
Diong-Kéba TacuGrégory Levallois [SSR]
Célia LebrumentEugénie [SSR]
Ilian Kaddour-DriziWalid Ganem [SSR]
David AyalaDr Maxime Bergeron [SSR]
Fehd BenchemsiAtef Aloui [SSR]
Zoé LeclercAlice Gosselin [SSR]
Lionel ErdoganLudovic Dénéchal [SSR]
Dan HerzbergCommissaire Kashmareck [SSR]
Leny MorandEnzo Henebelle [SSR]
Hubert DelattreCapitaine Blanchart [SSR]
Abdellatif ChaouqiCommissaire Noureddine [SRE]


Director of photographyBenjamin Louet
Still photographerCaroline Dubois
Casting directorMarouane Reda
Casting directorMichaël Laguens
Costume designerAgnès Falque
DirectorLaure de Butler
EditorEmmanuel Douce
EditorGuillaume Houssais
ComposerNathaniel Méchaly
ScreenwriterMathieu Missoffe
Literary sourceFranck Thilliez

Production companies

Escazal Films [fr]

Distributing companies

Newen Distribution [fr]
Newen Connect
Newen Connect


2022FranceSeries ManiaFrench Competition


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingFranceTF1 [fr]Thursday, 29/09/2022, 9.10 PM