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Surfer - Vom Umgang mit Wellen | © Filmakademie Badenwürttemberg / SWR
© Filmakademie Badenwürttemberg / SWR

Surfer - Mastering Turbulence

  • Dealing with Waves (aka Entering the Wave) (Working title)
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Documentary | 2016-2019 | Docu | Germany

Shooting data

LocationsSylt, Hannover, Nazaré (Portugal), Dänemark, Niederlande,

Project data

Length of movie61 Min.
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Acquisition formatProRes
Distribution formatProRes
Sound formatDolby SRD EX (6.1, 7 channels)

Brief synopsis

For all people, life begins in the water, in the protective body of the mother, where they are gently rocked back and forth. After birth, life meets them again in waves. And finally they return to the water to conquer or grasp it. There is the scientist who tries to measure and calculate waves in search of a formula. In the meantime, the shaper builds surfboards, always looking for the perfect shape. And finally there is the surfer who daringly throws himself into the most dangerous waves and looks out to sea to catch the largest of them if possible. A documentary film that deals with life, the waves and the power of the sea and whose different protagonists unite the love for the waves.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Rouven BrauersShaper [L]
Trevor Sven CarlsonBigwave Surfer [L]
Andrew CottonBigwave Surfer [L]
Roy van EijkSurfer [L]Jannik Süselbeck
Lenin Sanchez CruzLenin Sanchez Cruz [SR]
SprecherinTanja Geke


Director of photographyDennis Mill
ARRI Amira - Zeiss HS
ARRI Amira - Zeiss HS
Scuba dopSusanna Salonen
Additional photographyJulia Jalnasow
DirectorDaniela Vater
EditorWillibald Wonneberger
Assistant editorDaniela Schramm Moura
ComposerMoritz Drath
ProducerMarvin Rössler
CreatorDaniela Vater
Production sound mixerChristian Wiechers
Production sound mixerUrs Krüger
Production sound mixerMax Kober
Production sound mixerMarvin Keil
Sound re-recording mixerVolker Armbruster
Sound designerMoritz Drath
Sound editorVolker Armbruster
/ Sound Designer
/ Sound Designer
Dialogue editorMoritz Drath
Foley artistVolker Armbruster
Commissioning editorElisabeth Serr
Commissioning editorJoachim A. Lang


Sound (Postproduction)Geräuschfabrik


2019PortugalPortuguese Surf Film Festival


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanySWR [de]Friday, 20/03/2020, 12.35 AM