Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Uncharted (aka Girona) (WT)Feature Film
    2019Tom Clancy's Without RemorseFeature Film
    2019Fabian - Going to the DogsFeature Filmcollaboration
    2019Gunpowder MilkshakeFeature Film
    2018DreamfactoryFeature Film
    2018TidesFeature Filmco-production
    2017No Name Restaurant (WT)Feature FilmKoproduktion
    2017CounterpartTV Series, Starz [us]Service Produktion Deutschland
    2016Jim Button and Luke the Engine DriverFeature Film
    2016MuteTV Movie, Netflix
    2016A Hidden LifeFeature Film
    2016Sense8TV Series, Netflix
    2016Isle of DogsFeature FilmKoproduktion
    2016Schumann’s Bar TalksDocumentary Featurekoproduzierend
    2015Das kalte HerzFeature FilmKoproduzent
    2015HomelandTV Series, Showtime [us]
    2015Eddie the EagleFeature FilmKoproduktion
    2013Big Business - Außer Spesen nichts gewesenFeature Film
    2013The VoicesFeature Film
    2013The Fifth EstateFeature FilmService Produktion