Step by Step

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    Feature Film | 2016-2017 | Dramedy | France


    Brief synopsis

    Based on the novel Grands Corps Malade.

    Washing, dressing oneself, walking, playing basketball, this is what Ben can no longer do when he arrives in physical therapy center after a serious accident. His new friends are tetraplegics, paraplegics, or suffer from cranial trauma... In short, the cream of the crop of the disabled. Together they will learn to be patient. They'll resist, boast, argue, and seduce each other, but above all, will find enough energy to learn how to live again. Step by Step is the story of a rebirth, a chaotic journey made up of victories and defeats, tears and laughter, but above all of encounters: you can't get well alone.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Pablo PaulyBen [L]
    Soufiane GuerrabFarid [L]
    Moussa MansalyToussaint [L]
    Nailia HarzouneSamia [L]
    Franck FaliseSteeve [L]
    Yannick RenierFrançois [L]
    Dominique BlancDr. Challes [GS]
    Jason DivengeleLamine [SR]
    Rabah Naït OufellaEddy [SR]
    Alban IvanovJean-Marie [SR]
    Anne BenoîtChristiane [SR]
    Côme LevinÉric [SR]
    Samir El BidadiSamir [SR]
    Florence MullerBen's mother [SR]
    Xavier MathieuBen's father [SR]
    Valérie EvenLa psy [SR]


    1st ADEmmanuel Gomes de Araujo
    Crowd marshallAlexandra Kan
    Post production supervisorPatricia Colombat
    Director of photographyAntoine Monod
    Casting directorDavid Bertrand
    Costume designerClaire Lacaze
    DirectorMehdi Idir
    DirectorGrand Corps Malade
    Script supervisorSylvie Prévot
    EditorLaure Gardette
    Key hair stylistYves Giorgi
    Key makeup artistManuela Taco
    ComposerAngelo Foley Renoich
    ProducerÉric Altmayer
    ProducerNicolas Altmayer
    Co-producerMarc Ladreit de Lacharrière
    Co-producerSidonie Dumas
    Production designerSylvie Olivé
    Production managerFrédéric Grunenwald
    ScreenwriterGrand Corps Malade
    ScreenwriterFadette Drouard
    Literary sourceGrand Corps Malade
    Production sound mixerJean-Paul Bernard
    Sound re-recording mixerÉric Tisserand
    Sound editorRaphaël Sohier
    Sound editorElisabeth Paquotte

    Distributing companies

    Gaumont [fr]


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFrancearteWednesday, 31/03/2021, 8.55 PM
    First showingGermanyarteWednesday, 31/03/2021, 8.15 PM


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 01/03/2017