Spec Commercial | 2019 | Drama, Music | Germany
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Shooting data

Number of shooting days7
LocationsLudwigsburg, Stuttgart, Esslingen, Normandie, Bretagne

Project data

Length of movie120 Sec
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Picture material positiveDigital Betacam
Sound formatDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 Kanšle)

Brief synopsis

Key moment tells the story of twelve year old piano student jacob and his teacher Reuben. Jacob is facing an important performance and needs manage his stage fright. While his usual way of hiding his insecurity is to play fast and loud, Reuben shows him that he can be powerful in other ways. He teaches him to let his feelings take control of his playing and he learns that even the most gentle playing can be powerful.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
John FaulknerReuben [L]
Ben LepetitBen [L]
Cornelia FaßMutter von Ben [GS]
Rainer KöhlerVater von Ben [GS]
Leon KampsBen's Bruder [SR]


director of photographyPhilip Henze
additional photographyKyrill Ahlvers
1st assistant cameraNicolai SchattonAuslandsdreh
1st assistant cameraFabian Decker
1st assistant cameraMakito KumazawaNachdreh
2nd assistant cameraJan DurstSony Venice
extras/bit player castingVera PaulmannNachdreh
extras/bit player castingHannah BuhrNachdreh
costume designerLea Sakamoto
costume designerLea Winkler
wardrobeKathrin UhlirschNachdreh
directorAlexander Kühn [1]
1st assistant directorJonathan Benedict Behr
2nd2nd resp. 3rd ADDaniel TennéNachdreh
script supervisorEllen Baramidze
Crowd MarshallAlexandra Herger
Crowd MarshallTobias Lischka [1]Nachdreh
Crowd MarshallChristian GruberNachdreh
Crowd MarshallChris Gruber
editorRaquel Caro Nuñez
key/dolly gripAlexandros Patikidis
gafferMarkus Ott
gafferJan Robin WeilandNachdreh
electricianRobert Peichl
electricianStefan Nacke
electricianJean-Pierre Weingart
electricianElisabeth Jelena Zickner
electricianHendrik Ströhle
electricianTobias AnderleNachdreh
electricianKevin BrariNachdreh
electricianVerena MühlingNachdreh
makeup artist / hair stylistHeike Walter-Thomae
composerBen Lepetit
freelance producerMarco Henn3 Monate
production designerNils Schimitzek
assistant production designerLouisa Handt
location scoutMarco Henn
location scoutAlexander Kühn [1]
location scoutChris Gruber
set builder assistantBenjamin Wieland
set builder assistantChristian Gruber
set builder assistantNadia Zimmermann
set builder assistantChris Gruber
assistant production managerAlexander Tuntukas
2nd assistant production managerTobias Lischka [1]
location managerTin Olujic
set manager/ floor managerGabriel BeckerNachdreh
set runnerAlexandra Herger
set runnerTobias Dolphin
set runnerHannah BuhrNachdreh
production driverJunus Baker
production driverAlexander Tuntukas
production sound mixerJohannes Schelle
surround sound recordistLennart Scheuren
Sound Recordist (Non Fiction)Marco Dahl
Sound Recordist (Non Fiction)Julian Berg
sound re-recording mixerRobin Harff
sound designerRobin Harff
vfx supervisorMartin EggerNachdreh
concept artist (vfx)Johannes Riegraf
coloristmanuel Portschy
Caterer (Assistance on Set)Marco Hülser
Caterer (Assistance on Set)Alicia Stabel
Caterer (Assistance on Set)Rebecca Stabel
pr photographerGabriel Becker
pr photographerBo-Christian Riedel-Petzold

Production companies

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]


Production ServicesMSB-Filmservice
Production ServicesROGER & OVER Sprechfunkgeräte GmbH