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STARPATROL Entertainment does media production. In our case, that means creative and production work, both narrative and corporate. In moving image and sound. And also wo do some equipment rental. Sounds strange, but that's how it is. Production. Creation. Solution.

Known for

Projects as production

2022Niner (WT)Short FilmDominik Kuhn
2021SchwörerHaus - FlyingSpace, Neue Ideen und WohnformenCommercialDominik Kuhn
2021The Dying Swans: La CignaMusic VideoDominik Kuhn
2021Vöhringer - 100 Jahre Vöhringer. Mit Dodokay unterwegsCorporate FilmBernhard Koch
2020Diorama - In FragmentsConcert RecordingDominik Kuhn
2019Kreiskliniken Reutlingen - Die BewerberinCommercialDominik Kuhn
2018Die 1.000 Glotzböbbel vom Dr. MabuseFeature FilmMultiple
2016SWR4 - Die Metal-Party (WT)CommercialDominik Kuhn
2015MetalophobiaShort FilmDominik Kuhn
2014Dodokay - Backstage. Der Weg in die Porsche ArenaDocumentaryBernhard Koch
2014Dodokay - SubbercoolMusic VideoDominik Kuhn
2013Dodokay - Die Welt auf Schwäbisch. Live On StageTeaserDominik Kuhn
2011Mezcalitos Restaurante y Bar - Der KinospotCommercialDominik Kuhn
2011Carlsen Verlag GmbH - Scheißdregg bassiert halt (Buchtrailer)CommercialDominik Kuhn
2011Felix Marc - The MuseMusic VideoBoris May
2011Haujobb - Dead MarketMusic VideoBoris May
2011ElringKlinger AG - Mobilität erfahren 2011CommercialDominik Kuhn
2011Making Of - Joli Restaurant. Photo ShootCommercialDominik Kuhn
2011Hecht Contactlinsen - Der richtige Umgang mit KontaktlinsenCommercialDominik Kuhn
2011Die Wochenshow
Filmklassiker auf schwäbisch
TV-Show, SAT.1Dominik KuhnFilmklassiker auf schwäbisch

Company data

Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: Papua New Guinea
Central America: Cuba
Central Europe: Austria, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland
North America: USA
South Africa: Botswana, South Africa
South America: Curacao
Southern Europe: Italy, Spain
West Asia: Oman
Western Europe: France, Netherlands
Date of company foundation1987
Company historySince its founding in 1987, the history of STARPATROL Entertainment has always been firmly linked to the activities of its creator, creative head and producer Dominik Kuhn. What started out as a classic rental house for event technology quickly developed into a full-service provider for technical event production, focused as an interface between creators and producers. As the demand for moving images grew, we added a sound studio with a focus on sound design, voice recording, mixing and mastering. Shortly before the turn of the millennium, the buzzword "viral marketing" prompted us to take the inevitable step towards full-service film production. After 2010, STARPATROL Entertainment was predominantly active in the narrative area, as a media consultant, in script development and dialogue coaching. It was not until 2021 that we took the step back into active film production.
Permanent employees1
Immediate working areaHead office: Stuttgart