Solar Voyage | ©Munk Studio [pl]
©Munk Studio [pl]
Short Documentary | 2020-2021 | Experimental | Poland

Project data

Film financing
Length of movie18 min


Brief synopsis

‘This is a film about Mirek Lech, a visionary, inventor, extreme traveller and a champion of renewable energy sources’. The portrait of an unconventional protagonist takes on an unconventional form: a parody of a documentary essay with elements of friendly humour. From Pcim to Slovakia, from Slovakia to Greece and from there straight to Africa, where this man, not so young anymore, wants to find a job in a solar power plant and a future wife. Solar energy and a warm narrative are two indispensable elements of this imaginative study of Mirek Lech.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Jacek Lukaszewskin.a. [L]
Krzysztof Piątkowskin.a. [L]
Maria Zięban.a. [SR]
Paweł Zięban.a. [SR]


Director of photographyMichał Sosna
Costume designerEwelina Gąsior
Costume designerAnna Sarosiek
DirectorAdam Żądło
Hair/makeup designerAnna Warot
ProducerJerzy Kapuściński
ProducerEwa Jastrzębska
Production managerAnna Zajączkowska
Sound designerBarbara Kapica
AnimatorAdam Żądło

Production companies

AMA Film Academy [pl]executive production
Studio Munka (Munk Studio) [pl]


2021PolandFestiwal Młodzi i FilmShort Film Competition
2021PolandKrakow Film FestivalInternational Short Film Competition


PremiereThursday, 10/06/2021