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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023The Girl from Köln (WT)Feature Filmproducer
    2022Northern ComfortFeature Filmco-producer
    2022Holy SpiderFeature Filmproducer
    2019Shake Your Cares AwayFeature Filmproducer
    2018Persian LessonsFeature Filmco-producer
    2018The County
    One Two Films
    Feature Filmco-producerOne Two Films
    2017The Most Beautiful CoupleFeature Filmproducer
    2017The BookshopFeature Filmco-producer
    2015FreedomFeature Filmproducer
    2015The TaleFeature Filmproducer
    2015The happiest Day in the Life of Olli MäkiFeature Filmco-producer
    2014Angry Indian GoddessesFeature Filmco-producer
    2014On Disappearing (Teaser 2)Short Filmproducer
    2013The 11th HourFeature Filmco-producer
    2013Whispers behind the Wall
    ZDF - Kleines Fernsehspiel
    TV-Movie (Series)producerZDF - Kleines Fernsehspiel
    Berlinale 2013
    Feature Filmco-producerBerlinale 2013
    2011Puppe, Icke & der Dicke
    Max-Ophüls-Publikumspreis 2012
    Feature FilmproducerMax-Ophüls-Publikumspreis 2012
    2011Reported Missing
    Berlinale 2012
    Feature FilmproducerBerlinale 2012
    2009Long Distance Call (WT)
    Publikumspreis Kinofest Lünen 2011
    Short FilmproducerPublikumspreis Kinofest Lünen 2011
    Cannes: Next Generation 2010
    Short FilmproducerCannes: Next Generation 2010