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Sekunden in der Ewigkeit | ©Amanda Fong
©Amanda Fong
Short Film | 2023-2024 | Germany
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Brief synopsis

An ode to life that encourages and takes away fear.
"Fear does not prevent death. Fear prevents life."

We only own this very moment...


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Marina WelschHer [L]
Michael LeschMonk [GS]
Marlon LeePianist [GS]
Gerd SchülerRennfahrer [GS]
Alexander KerbstConferencier [SR]
Gloria LiebherrKöchin [SR]
Migena GjataGesangslehrerin [SR]
Werner RischkeGitarrenspieler [SR]
Frank MontenbruckJugendfreund [SR]
Sascha ReichertMaler [BP]


Director of photographyChristian Schu
Director of photographyRobert Wilkos
Still photographerMarla Lynn Welsch
Still photographerAndreas F.O. Welsch
Still photographerThomas E. Wunsch
Casting directorMarina Welsch
DirectorChristian Schu
1st AD (local system)Amanda Fong
Hair/makeup designerHarry Epp
Associate producerMarina Welsch
Set decoratorMarina Welsch
Script doctorEllie Ayers
Special effects coordinatorHarry Haarstark

Production companies

White Eyebrow, Christian Schu [ee/de]