Sebastian Achilles, actor, Berlin
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Basic data

LanguagesEnglish French German
Northern German,
A cappella
Hip Hop / Rap
Instrumentsbass guitar electric guitar guitar keyboard/synthesizer percussion piano
Skills (dance)Jazzdance
Skills (sports)basketball billiards fencing (sport) juggling soccer swimming swordplay taek won do
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
LicencesB (car) [eu], BE (car with trailer) [eu], C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t) [eu], C1E (truck (C1) + trailer <= 12t) [eu], L (tractor) [eu], M (autocycle) [eu]


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  • DREHSTART - Tiere bis unters Dach (2.Block)
    From June 2020 - August 2020 Sebastian is shooting as continuous role 'Martin Kalkbrenner' for the 8th season of the SWR series "Tiere bis unters Dach" in the Black Forest.
    Directed by Florian Schnell and Frank Stoye.
  • Shooting for THE ADVOCATE
    Sebastian will take over the role of senior public prosecutor Dr. Oliver von Heesen for DER STAATSANWALT in the episode SPIEL MIT DEM FEUER.
    Directed by Erhard Riedlsperger
    Sebastian takes over the episode role of the psychologist JULIAN VINCK in the episode
    BIS AUS BLUT of the ZDF Saturday evening crime thriller FRIESLAND with Maxim Mehmet and Sophie Dal. Shooting will take place in September / October 2020 in East Frisia and Cologne.
    Directed by Thomas Durchschlag.
  • PODCAST - Talk
    Sebastian is a guest of the PodCast of the comacon magazine.
    In conversation with Timm Lindenau (Radio Fritz Berlin)
    Sebastian gives insights into the shooting situation in Corona times,
    the influence of social media on staffing decisions,
    the different working methods in film and theatre and
    how he volunteered as a stage hand on his tours before his gigs
    is helping to set up the stage in the LANXESS Arena.
  • Shooting for HAGER
    Sebastian is shooting an image film for the new software solution HagerCad from Hager. The film is shot at Hager's headquarters in Saarbrücken.
    The director is Alexander Furhmann.
  • commercial shooting for CORAL
    Sebastian is shooting the romantic-comedy spot "Treffen" for CORAL in Hamburg.
    It is directed by the German-Danish director Ben Hartenstein.

About Sebastian Achilles

From 2001 until 2005, I studied acting at the University of Arts Berlin, Germany.

My first engagements took me to the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, to the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and to Schauspiel Zittau. Here, I played the title characters in Schiller's "Don Carlos" and Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" .

After that, I became a member of the ensemble at the GRIPS Theater, Berlin. I played 'Bambi' in the world-famous production of "Line 1". The staging of the play "Über Jungs" ('About Guys'), in which I played the leading role 'Victor Cluscrescu', won the Theatre - Oscar "DER FAUST " in 2013.

Between summer of 2011 and 2014, I performed several times at the Nibelungen Festival, Worms, directed by well-known TV-director Dieter Wedel.

Until August 2016 I have played the rock rebel Elmar, one of the three male lead role, as part of the First Cast in Udo Lindenberg’s musical „Hinterm Horizont“, directed by Ulrich Waller at Theatre am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. The ensemble and myself won the B.Z. Art Award for outstanding acting performance in 2015.

At the moment, I am mainly and consistently working for film, television and commercial productions.
I appeared as a continous role in "ACHT TAGE" ("Eight Days"), a new Science Fiction series made by pay-tv channel SKY, directed by Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky in 2017.

I have been performing also as as a continous role in a new NETFLIX series "DOGS OF BERLIN" since october 2017.
Both series will be provided in autumn 2018.

I am looking forward working with you


Known for


2001 to 2005University Of Fine Arts Berlin (Diplom Schauspieler)


2015B.Z. Kulturpreis für Ensemble "HINTERM HORIZONT"
2013Theaterpreis beim Heidelberger Stückemarkt für "ÜBER JUNGS"
2010new berlin film award für "RAMMBOCK" (Bester Spielfilm)
2010Wiener Filmpreis (Viennale) für "RAMMBOCK" (Bester Spielfilm)
2010Best Feature Film @ Mile High Horror Filmfestival für "RAMMBOCK"
2010Friedrich-Luft-Preis für "LINIE 2"
2010Max Ophüls Preis für "RAMMBOCK" (bester mittellanger Film)
2009Friedrich-Luft-Preis für "ROSA" (Nominierung)
2007Bronzene Olive für "NiCHTS IST VERGESSEN" (Bester Film international)

Projects as actor

2021Tod und Teufel (360 VR) (WT)Series PilotN.N. (wird nachgereicht)Urquhardt [L]
2020Friesland - Bis aufs Blut (WT)TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Thomas DurchschlagJulian Vinck [SR]
Tiere bis unters Dach
TV Series, SWR [de]MultipleMartin Kalkbrenner [SSR]
2020Der StaatsanwaltTV Series, ZDF [de]Erhard RiedlspergerDr. Oliver von Heesen [SRE]
2020Ermittlung (WT)Short FilmPaul HilgedieckMarcel [L]
Inga Lindström - Klang der Sehnsucht
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Stefanie SycholtMads Morgengrün [L]
2019Tiere bis unters DachTV Series, SWR [de]Andrea KatzenbergerMartin Kalkbrenner [SSR]
SOKO Wismar
TV Series, ZDF [de]Oren SchmucklerCarsten Binz [LE]
Strato - Speed 2.0
CommercialNiklas WeiseMr. Strato [L]
2019DsJR - Der satirische Jahresrückblick 2019Documentary, ZDF [de]MultipleDoc [SR]
2018Dogs of BerlinTV Series, NetflixChristian AlvartGuido Mack [SSR]
8 Tage
TV Series, Sky [de]MultipleJens [SSR]
2018Der BergdoktorTV Series, ORF [at], ZDF [de]Jorgo PapavassiliouChristian Aumüller [LE]
2018LifelinesTV Series, RTL [de]Heinz DietzCarsten Gehring [LE]
In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte
TV Series, ARD [de]Franziska HörischHenning Kühne [LE]
Belgique (NOT RELEASED) (WT)
Short FilmAndré SchumeBen [L]
Nix Festes
TV Series, ZDFneo [de]Christoph SchneeHeiko [SR]
TV Series, ZDF [de]Heinz DietzJan Schlosser [LE]
Notruf Hafenkante
TV Series, ZDF [de]Felix AhrensSebastian Schäfer [LE]
2017Schwartz & Schwartz - Mein erster MordTV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Rainer KaufmannKommissar [BP]

Projects as voice actor / speaker

2011CBO Business Consulting - Theater im TeamCorporate FilmSprecher
1998Der letzte ZeugeTV Series, ZDF [de]Gernot [SR]

Theatre engagements

YearProduction nameRoleDirectorTheatre
2018 - 2019
Dinosaurier - Im Reich der Giganten
Huxley (Hauptrolle)Scott FarisBBC Arena Tour (u.a. Mercedes-Benz-Arena Berlin)
2017 - 2020
FALCO - Das Musical
Manager (HR)Peter Rein / Stefan WarmuthLANXESS Arena, Köln u.a.
2014Hebbels Nibelungen - Born this WayThüringDieter WedelNibelungenfestspiele Worms
2013 - 2016
Hinterm Horizont
Elmar (HR)Ulrich WallerTheater am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
2012 - 2014Über JungsVictor Cluscrescu (HR)Mina SalehpourGRIPS Theater Berlin
2012Das Vermögen des Herrn SüßAugust von GötzDieter WedelNibelungenfestspiele Worms
2011Die Geschichte des Joseph Süß OppenheimerAugust von GötzDieter WedelNibelungenfestspiele Worms
2010 - 2013
Ohne Moss nix los (UA)
Tim WolffYüksel YolcuGRIPS Theater Berlin
2010 - 2011Stress - Der Rest ist Leben (UA)TimmFrank PanhansGRIPS Theater Berlin
2009 - 2014
Linie 1 (UA)
Bambi (HR)Wolfgang KolnederGRIPS Theater Berlin
2009 - 2012Eine linke Geschichte (UA)Lutz Wiegand (HR)Wolfgang KolnederGRIPS Theater Berlin
2009 - 2011Linie 2 - Der Apltraum (UA)Basti, Hucky, Leon u.a.Rüdiger WandelGRIPS Theater Berlin
2009 - 2011
Lilly unter den Linden
Bernd, RolfPhilippe BessonGRIPS Theater Berlin
2008 - 2010Rosa Luxemburg (UA)Leo Jogiches (HR)Franziska SteiofGRIPS Theater Berlin
2008 - 2010HaramSaid,Amar,Tante u.a.Yüksel YolcuGRIPS Theater Berlin
2007 - 2008
Ladies Night
PolizistGilbert MierophSchauspiel Zittau
2007 - 2008
Romeo & Julia
Romeo (TR)Michael FunkeSchauspiel Zittau
2006 - 2007
Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui
FlakeRoland MaySchauspiel Zittau
2006 - 2007PhiloktetNeoptolemos (HR)Michael FunkeSchauspiel Zittau
2006 - 2007
Schnitt ins Fleisch
Joseph (HR)Rudolf KolocSchauspiel Zittau
2005 - 2007Don KarlosDon Karlos (TR)Roland MaySchauspiel Zittau
2005Wilhelm TellKonrad Hunn / MönchDonald BerkenhoffStaatstheater Karlsruhe
2004 - 2005peanutsPiggyBruno CathomasMaxim Gorki Theater Berlin
Unter der Gürtellinie
Hanrahan (HR)Sebastian AchillesTPS - Berlin
2004HiobEliphasDirk MorasMaxim Gorki Theater Berlin
2003 - 2004Wölfe und SchafePiotrVolker HesseMaxim Gorki Theater Berlin
2003Europa-AsienBotzaUwe GösselMaxim Gorki Theater Berlin

Speaker engagements

YearTitleProject typeActivityClient
2018DOGS OF BERLIN (Netflix)SerieGuido Mack (englische Synchro)VSI Berlin GmbH
2012Die Wahrheit über Hänsel & GretelHörspielSprecher (Konrad Dubel)WDR
2012Double HappinessHörspielSprecher (Polizist)rbb
2011Die HöhleHörspielSprecherWDR
2010Horror für AtheistenHörspielSprecher (Olmstead)SWR
2010mpegHörspielSprecher (Stefan)rbb/hr
2010Der PorzellankrimiHörspielSprecher (Johann Böttger)SWR
2009Begrüßungsgeld OstHörspielSprecher (Kevin)WDR
2009Wem gehört der MondHörspielSprecher (Jim)SWR
2008Der Vampir von VenedigHörspielSprecher (Severin/Tim)SWR
2006Der BlutegelseeHörspielSprecher (Felix)Epix Media
1996Rahnsdorfer PassagenHörspielSprecher (Martin/diverse)Radio Bremen

Basic data

Height185 cm
Weight87 kg - 191 lb.
Body typeathletic-sporty
Clothing size102
Ethnic appearanceWhite Central European
Hair colourdark blond
Hair lengthshort
Eye colourblue-grey
LanguagesEnglish French German
Northern German,
Voice typeBaritone
A cappella
Hip Hop / Rap
Instrumentsbass guitar electric guitar guitar keyboard/synthesizer percussion piano
Skills (dance)Jazzdance
Skills (sports)basketball billiards fencing (sport) juggling soccer swimming swordplay taek won do
Experience abroadNorthern Europe: Sweden
Eastern Europe: Serbia
South Africa: South Africa
Southern Europe: Spain
Western Europe: Austria, United Kingdom
LicencesB (car) [eu], BE (car with trailer) [eu], C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t) [eu], C1E (truck (C1) + trailer <= 12t) [eu], L (tractor) [eu], M (autocycle) [eu]
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Melbourne, Vienna