School's Out

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    Feature Film | 2017-2018 | France


    Brief synopsis

    A high school teacher throws himself from the classroom window before the terrified eyes of his students. Despite the tragedy, six of them remain oddly cool and unemotional. Pierre, the new substitute teacher, notices the hostile behaviour of this close-knit clique. Smart and precocious, the six teenagers seem to be preparing a mysterious plan after school. PIerre becomes obsessed with them and is quickly sucked into their sinister game. His life soon turns into a nightmare.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Laurent LafittePierre [L]
    Luàna BajramiApolline [L]
    Victor BonnelDimitri [L]
    Emmanuelle BercotCatherine [L]
    Pascal GreggoryPoncin [GS]
    GringeSteve [SR]
    Grégory MontelMichel [SR]
    Véronique Ruggia-SauraFrançoise [SR]
    Thomas ScimecaVictor [SR]
    Adèle CastillonClara [SR]
    Matteo PerezSylvain [SR]
    Thomas GuyBrice [SR]
    Léopold BuchsamDavid [SR]


    1st ADSébastien Matuchet
    3rd ADVictor Mirabel
    Director of photographyRomain Carcanade
    Costume designerMarité Coutard
    DirectorSébastien Marnier
    Production designerGuillaume Deviercy
    Unit production managerIsabelle Tillou
    Post production supervisorXénia Sulyma
    ScreenwriterSébastien Marnier
    ScreenwriterÉlise Griffon
    Literary sourceChristophe Duffosé

    Distributing companies

    Celluloid Dreams [fr]
    Haut et Court [fr]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 09/01/2019